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Movie Hotties 6-Pack: Hottest Female Assassins

I suppose if you have to get taken out, like if you just ripped off the mob or you just want to snuff it before the cancer eats you alive, one could do worse than being taken out by a hottie. I'd put that one down on any list of the best ways to check out. Obviously the preferred method of hottie assassination would be to get lucky with the femme fetale who is actually a hit woman...
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BOTB Hit Women: Alicia Keys vs Keira Knightley vs Uma Thurman

There's a whole lot of summer lovin' for Anna Kendrick, as she easily took the favorited spot in your hearts last week for the Summer Camp Battle of the Babes. With the latest do-we-want-to-believe-Keanu-Reeves-as-a-serious-fill-in-the-blank role in JOHN WICK getting its limited release this week, I thought we could look at a few seriously hot babes who have been cast in assassin...
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Alicia Keys takes her chicken cutlets out to auction

I love me some Alicia Keys . Not only is she one talented lady when it comes to music, she had a good run when she decided to step into some actress shoes for movies like THE NANNY DIARIES and SMOKIN' ACES (not to mention her rumoured role as Lena Horn in THE NINTH WAVE, a biopic currently in preproduction). She's gotten married, had a kid, stayed immensely sexy and never ended up needing any...
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Alicia Keys shines in bright yellow at the 27th Aria Awards

Katniss Everdeen might have been the first Girl on Fire but ever since gorgeous Alicia Keys belted out her song of the same title, I think that the honor transferred itself to a better owner. Judging by the happy smiles she was wearing on the "black carpet" as she entered the building for the 27th Aria Awards, it appears that Alicia is having quite the year. The singer was a presenter and...
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Because one post couldn't hold them all, here are a few more hotties from the Met Gala

We'd be making posts into next Tuesday if we showed you ever last hottie in attendance at last night's Met Gala Ball. Such an insane amount of fine, female flesh in attendance. I can't say I understand the dress up mentality that draws hotties to this event like moths to a porch light, but I'm not going to question it when it gives us such fantastic sights. The impulse is to select the winner...
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The Sexy Ten Spot: Hottest Water Babes

It seems to be an optimal thing when a woman is wet. The glistening droplets of water on her skin, the sexy tousled look that the water gives her hair, the mermaid fantasy lingering in your mind. Were you thinking that I was referring to some other kind of wet? That's a good thing too, but being as how I need to keep this safe enough for you to view at work (and call over your cubicle neighbor...
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