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Hot or Not: Alicia Witt

Do all of you really hate Tyler Perry as much as the vitriol spouted on the site would have me believe? While the movies that he makes might not be your cup of tea, there's definitely a market for them and I don't honestly mind if that market gets pandered to. At least it's not the MOVIE movies, right? And when Perry decides to cast some white people in the films he makes, he's got a...
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Alicia Witt's still got "it" at the 6th annual Art of Elysium Pieces of Heaven show

Redhead lovers unite! It's the magnificent Alicia Witt and her outstanding head of fiery hair looking captivating in a bright yellow dress for the Art of Elysium's Pieces of Heaven art show, the 6th annual of its kind. Witt was absorbed in checking out the artwork and thankfully there was a photographer at the event so that we can be absorbed in her. The only thing that I'm not entirely sold...
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