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Flashback Friday: I've always wanted to possess Sigourney Weaver

So we saw the new GHOSTBUSTERS last weekend. Sheesh, if there was ever a movie completely unworthy of all the vitriolic buildup, it was that one. Sure, it wasn't the greatest movie ever. It wasn't even the best movie of the summer movie season, or the best movie in July 2016 for that matter. It certainly wasn't the worst movie either. Not even close. You know what it is? It's another...
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Movie Hotties Six Pack: Sexiest Movie Aliens

I wonder sometimes - would I f*ck an alien? Not a slimy or a big head alien, but like, you know, a hot one. I don't know. Sure, they might look hot, but how could you ever truly get past the alien living underneath that human skin suit? The answer to that question are the 6 hotties we got for you today. I'm pretty sure they're all worth the risk of having an ovipositor rammed down your...
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Elizabeth Olsen came down from her mothership for London Avengers premiere

I want to be clear. I adore Elizabeth Olsen . She's everything that the '90's tried to force me to buy about her twin sisters except she has poise, grace, beauty and talent. Lizzie has a way with her fashion that normally sets her apart from actresses in her age demo, choosing to look sophisticated and lovely without any of the skin-baring tackiness. This number she had on for the London...
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Face Off: Megan Fox in Jennifer's Body vs. Natasha Henstridge in Species

Ya'll elected Jaimie Alexander as your favorite skinny hottie over Keira Knightley in our previous Face Off . That's a fair assessment in everything except for career, as many of you who voted for Jaimie conceded. I do agree that we should see more of Jaimie. Seems inexplicable that we don't. Well it's Halloween again, that time of year when many of us are in the mood for creepy...
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Face Off: Zoe Saldana vs. Thandie Newton

There was a clear Hayley Atwell contingent who gave her the win over Jaimie Alexander in last week's Face Off. Hayley is a tough one to beat, but pretty easy to beat off to. This week we got a couple ladies who tend to get mixed up with one another. I'm not exactly sure why some seem to get Zoe Saldana and Thandie Newton confused. I guess they're kind of similar in some ways....
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Face Off: Ellen Ripley vs. Sarah Connor

I'd say it was too close to call between Emilia Clarke and Lauren Cohan in our last Face Off . That's as it should be. They're both beautiful English hotties with two monstrously popular shows. We shouldn't have to choose between them if we don't want to. Here we are at Halloween time again. Isn't this the best, all around holiday of the year? Everybody can have fun on Halloween....
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