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Alison Brie combined her sexy dress with turtlenecks for the Sundance cold

I'm not sure what to think of the new do Alison Brie was rockin' at Sundance 2017, where they're screening her new movie THE LITTLE HOURS, in which Alison and her pals Kate Micucci and Aubrey Plaza , play emotionally unstable nuns in the Middle Ages. Aiight. That's a little weird. I can only assume Alison's hair is not for her nun movie, but the result of her work on the new Jenji...
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Alison Brie is anything but GLOWing on the set of her new Netflix show

These pics of Alison Brie doing scenes for her new Netflix wrestling series G.L.O.W., which is set in the 1980s, remind me of some recent revelations I had about the decade Alison recreates here. After going through some old pictures of me and my family from those days, the impression I got was how very few people looked good in this time. Average people in particular, like me and my...
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Marry/Date/Friend: Alison Brie vs Alexandra Daddario vs Anna Kendrick

As for the celebrity women who have the most trouble having healthy, long-lasting relationships, they might want to read last week's column and notice that there are plenty of honest, good guys over here at MovieHotties who are interested in making them happy ladies. Sure, most of you expressed some kind of hesitation at getting involved with either Katy Perry, Kaley Cuoco or Taylor...
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Top 6 Hottest Actresses with Real Racks (video)

Why is it we're so fascinated with the ladies who keep it real up top? Is it the look? The feeling? The way they jiggle and sway in slow motion jogging scenes? Whatever the reason, they do tend to inspire more than their implant alternatives. Here are 6 hotties who know a thing or two about real racks. See how the stacked stack up below. Got any other natural hotties...
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Hottie Clip: Alison Brie on The Late Late Show

I don't typically use clips of hotties on talk shows for this column, mainly because there so many notable appearances so often, to share them all would become repetitious. That said,  Alison Brie 's appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden last night was something so spectacular, it made me proud to be an insomniac (ashamed of many other things, but...
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Face Off: Alison Brie vs. Emmy Rossum

No clear winner between Paula Patton and Emmanuelle Chriqui in last week's Face Off . Another occasion when one is just as good a choice as the other. So we got another Alison Brie comedy coming out this week. They seem to be a dime-a-dozen lately. This new one, NO STRANGER THAN LOVE, comes across as some kind of surreal/quirky/cutesy story of a girl looking for love. Sounds...
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Hottie Clip: Alison Brie in How to Be Single

We surpassed the ancient holiday traditions of St. Patrick's Day months ago, but that's no reason you punks shouldn't be feeling lucky. If you caught HOW TO BE SINGLE in theaters last Valentine's Day, you either made a bad choice for a romantic date, or you were actually a single person with sad plans for a solo night out. If you caught it on a long plane...
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Alison Brie is our Hottie of the Month for April 2016

Our Hottie of the Month for April 2016 is a fan favorite around these parts, the lovely Alison Brie ! No April Fool's, no tricks, no gags (unfortunately). If we've learned anything from the many animated GIFs of the internet, it's that Alison has built up a whole, shall we say, "community" of admirers.  Even those who claim to be on...
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Our passion is Alison Brie in purple fashions

Actually, I think some of the colors Alison is wearing in the pics below of her sexy New York Post spread, are more like lavender or a violet. But whatever. I can't be expected to know what those are called. As far as I'm concerned, if a color wasn't in the Crayola 12-pack we had as lads, there isn't much reason to remember what it's called. That's the only reason I...
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Alison Brie was a total doll for VVV magazine

While I know that many of you would kill to have an Alison Brie Real Doll (Google it if you're the last being on Earth to not know what that is), you'll have to settle for the actress dressed up like a creepy Annabelle version instead. For the Spring/Summer 2016 issue of VVV magazine ( also featuring Bella Thorne ) Brie is featured in a photoshoot that has her posed like a lifeless ol'...
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Cutie Alison Brie is doing it for the kids at Viacom event

There's still no word on when Alison Brie will be turning that engagement to Dave Franco into the finalized deal, but that's not stopping her from hosting a special kids & family event held by Viacom in New York City on Wednesday night. Why didn't anyone tell me how funny Little Franco was in UNFINISHED BUSINESS? While Vince Vaughn knows how to churn out a work day with the same spunk as a...
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Gillian Jacobs style involves showing off a little sexy cleavage

I got Gillian Jacobs' new Netflix show Love in my viewing queue, which means I'll probably get around to watching it sometime before the end of the year. That's not a knock against Gillian. I'm just an incredible procrastinator when it comes to watching the stuff I claim to have interest in. My poor DVR remains filled with stuff I haven't watched and usually end up deleting. I suspect...
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