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BOTB Dog Lovers: Amanda Seyfried vs Hilary Duff vs Katharine McPhee

When it comes to these Battle of the Babes, Rachel McAdams is easily the toughest to beat, no matter who I put her up against. She handily dispensed of competition, Eva Mendes and Gwen Stefani, marking her as the former fast food worker you would have Mac'ked Big on. (Oh, I kill myself.) While there has been a lot of controversy around A DOG'S PURPOSE , it's still a great way to get...
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The new issue of Vogue Australia turned Amanda Seyfried into a RealDoll

I might expect this shit from Complex or Maxim magazines, those reading materials of choice meant for the male species and in particular those XYers not evolved enough to see women as anything other than an animate object for their arousal, but I'm a bit surprised that this came from the February issue of Vogue Australia. Don't get me wrong, I fully appreciate and understand that women's...
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Amanda Seyfried has a mouth like a drop of strawberry jam in a glass of milk

Ever since Amanda Seyfried lost a bunch of weight from her more robust starter acting years, she shrunk that famously fuller chest of hers from a D to a small C cup and we no longer get to appreciate photoshoots showing off that cleavage. Now, in some cases that means we get to see up her skirt instead and in others we get to check out her beautifully pale complexion and striking...
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Amanda Seyfried's Elle China spread is 100% upskirt free

Last month during a rainy photoshoot in Paris, Amanda Seyfried had a bit of an upskirt problem . The fans went wild, speculating that they were getting a glimpse of the otherwise rather conservative hottie's undercarriage. The speculation was so hot and heavy that even Amanda herself addressed it, posting a a picture of her lacy thong to her Twitter account, demanding that it was not her...
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Amanda Seyfried had an upskirt problem during her rainy Paris photoshoot

I was speaking just yesterday of the advantages paps have in terms of angle of shots. Clearly whoever was doing this photoshoot with Amanda Seyfried wasn't doing so for the up skirt pics (or in this case up shirt pics) of the beautiful Hollywood hottie. Fortunately someone on the sidelines did manage to capture this perspective for us. And as is usually the case with moments like these, I...
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Amanda Seyfried's one woman pajama party for Elle India

It'll be easy for anyone to appreciate Amanda Seyfried' s effort to provide Internet oglers with depictions of a classic male fantasy like the girlie pajama party. But Elle's failure to include one of the most important elements (the pillow fight) into the scenario, may leave you wanting. Granted, it would have been difficult to add that kind of action into the mix, it being a...
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Top 6 Hottest Fake Lesbians in Movies (Video)

You gotta love lesbians. There's something there for everyone. Doesn't matter what your sexual preference is or what gender you happen to be. They appeal to all. This love for lesbians is the reason why a room full of women in a movie is bound to have at least a couple of them making out with each other. No one can peel their eyes away from two women getting down to it with one...
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Hottie Clip: Lohan, McAdams, Chabert and Seyfried in Mean Girls

Call me old fashioned, but it just doesn't seem like Christmas without gingerbread cookies, roasting chestnuts, and at least one serving of the "Jingle Bell Rock" song and dance brought to you by the girls of MEAN GIRLS. Perhaps this has sort of become an outdated tradition for some, but as someone who's unhealthily obsessed with hotties in movies, it still brings...
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Amanda Seyfried squeezes out another sexy magazine spread

Amanda Seyfried always seems to have a photoshoot somewhere in the works. This one for Magame Figaro is one of the better ones in terms of what we get to see from Amanda. I'm still trying to figure out if that one shot of her in the see thru dress is truly see thru or some kind of skin-colored slip. I'm pretty sure that's Amanda under there, which is pretty awesome actually. One thing I'm...
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Face Off: Amanda Seyfried vs. Olivia Wilde

The long-lasting freshness of Monica Bellucci's hotness won most of you over compared to what I deem the equally persistent hotness of Diane Lane . Their pairing did seem to prompt some of you to think on it for a spell. Bravo for actually picking someone there. I couldn't do it. Maybe this week's hottie match up will present you with another dilemma. We're getting into...
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Amanda Seyfried traipses through the bushes in some sexy silk

There was a provocative look about Amanda Seyfried's ensemble for this bushy event she attended last night. Minus that frilly fringe at the bottom of her silky number and you'd essentially have a nightgown. It creates an intriguing illusion of Amanda showing up at some event in nothing but her silken nightie. Kind of a nice change of pace from her usual photo content, which is usually...
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Exclusive Video: A Halloween Tribute to Movie Hotties in Costumes!

Seasons greetings, boils and ghouls! From the number of houses decorated on my neighborhood block, it seems at least 5% of common peeps are still celebrating Hallow's Eve. The spooky holiday has undergone many changes over the years, but one tradition that has only grown stronger is the movement of girls scantly-clad costumes. In fact, you might even say this tradition has become one of...
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