I think Bleona Qereti stole Rihanna's AMA outfit (but not her body)

The Albanian I thought was a star was Captain Lou Albano and that's because I was a little kid and was too ignorant to understand that Albano didn't equal Albanian, but hey, at least I had the excuse of being a dumb little kid. As for Bleona Qereti , a supposed "international pop star" who's the "Madonna of Albania," I'm uncertain what her excuse was for this outfit she wore on the red carpet...

Charlie XCX got a little XXX at the AMAs last night

In an outfit that looks like a reject from Katy Perry's rubber phase, British punk pop singer Charlie XCX (best known as being the voice behind that catchy hook in Iggy Azalea's "Fancy") took to the stage at the 2015 American Music Awards and showed that she smelled like school spirit, yes indeed. I steer clear of the majority of awards shows, no matter what they're celebrating, so I can take...

Ciara was sheerly sexy at the AMAs

Yeah, it's been nearly a week since the AMAs were on but I'm still finding more and more attendees who were looking extra spicy for the event (mainly due to the fact that I didn't watch it and therefore missed out on all that Joan Rivers hypercritical crap). Out of all of those who graced the red carpet, while I had high regard for the sexy gown that Naya Rivera was wearing, I have to say...

And for today's counterpoint, Brandi Cyrus and her lack of tongue

I figured that we might as well steer clear of Miley Cyrus and her tongue filled appearance at the American Music Awards this past Sunday night and instead focus on some of the other hotties who were in attendance. And I guess I could have overlooked this lady if I felt like it but it's way too ripe for me to ignore. That is, Brandi Cyrus , Miley's older sister (she's...

Naya Rivera's keyhole dress begs for you to skip the knockin' and start the rockin'

I think Naya Rivera wants people to remember her for more than just being the girl that licks the animated M&M in that one commercial, or as the token biracial chick on "Glee." At least, if you judge by the amount of sexy she's bringing to events like the American Music Awards where she once again took out those big ol' titties and made sure they were on display (Rivera went to Elle's...

Christina Aguilera returns to the AMA's looking sexy as ever

Good for you Christina. Good for you.  About a year ago, Christina made her way to the American Music Award nominations looking a little, well, different. The sex-kitten we all knew and love got a little bit hungry and the results were... pretty surprising . Now, I'm not one to hate on fat girls. I'm a big guy and if people want to live that lifestyle, f*cking go for it, you...

Katy Perry is a retro glam goddess on the red carpet of the 2013 AMAs

Before she took to the stage in what many people began a tweeting flurry arguing the "racist" component of her performance, Katy Perry looked like a fine piece of retro ass on the red carpet. Wearing a gorgeous full-skirted black and white polka-dotted dress and going for the pale skinned, dark haired, full red-lipped look, Perry definitely had people wagging their tongues in a different...

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