There's nothing to fear from Alycia Debnam-Carey's drop dead gorgeousness

I often wonder why I keep watching AMC's zombie shows. Beyond the somewhat painful and quite often weekly process of watching likable characters get killed or worse on that show, it also seems like the only way they can introduce tension and do anything with the plot is to make all the characters turn into dumbasses. You'd think they would have figured out by now that when someone...
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I'd like to inspect Gemma Chan's epidermis

The best reason to give the new AMC show Humans a go is Gemma Chan . The former co-star (in which she played a dominatrix) of Secret Diary of a Call Girl is the sexy synth Anita; who's purchased to aid a nice family with daily responsibilities. A surrogate wife, mother, housekeeper and not to mention the object of lust for their eldest son - Anita slinks around the house begging the...
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Lauren Cohan's boobs are ready to explode in the pages of Imagista

It occurred to me the other day that we're now on the cusp of August, yet we've not had a single post on the sexy Walking Dead star Lauren Cohan all year. How the hell is that possible? I don't know, but clearly this gross oversight needs to be rectified. Enter Imagista magazine and their reader poll to see which of these pics of Lauren shall be the cover of their new printed edition....
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Emily Kinney deserves an award just for being so adorable

Poor Emily Kinney , or as you may know her best, Beth Greene from The Walking Dead . Why'd that cop have to go and shoot her in the head? Not sweet little Beth. Now we don't get any more of her beautiful sweetness contrasting with that show's increasingly ugly everything. At least they gave her a relatively clean exit. I'm not sure I could have tolerated adorable Beth getting ripped apart by...
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Christina Hendricks gives us one last dose of that retro hotness

Despite the sense of attachment they clearly wanted the cast of Mad Men to convey going into the final episodes, I suspect most of the cast was fully ready to move on. I think they stretched that show out for a season or two too long anyway, but now it's done and hotties like Christina Hendricks are free to do whatever the hell they want. Like going blonde: Another case of...
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The Walking Dead's Alanna Masterson cleans up with cleavage for Interview

I'm learning a lot about Alanna Masterson from The Walking Dead today. You know her as Tara Chambler on the show, the last surviving member of her family who at one point was chummy with the infamous Governor before he showed his true colors. Now she's among the throng of weary survivors following Rick around in a desperate struggle to survive. Alanna is little sister to Danny and...
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Face Off: Emmy Rossum vs. Lauren Cohan

It was a landslide win for Alice Eve over her opponent Sienna Miller in last week's Face Off . Sounds right to me. They're both lovely English roses, but I think Alice smells a little sweeter. That didn't come out right. Last week I finally got caught up with all the TV episodes I've missed, although doing that has me a little worried now. I didn't realize I watched so much stuff...
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Let's double up on some Lauren Cohan fighting AIDS with her boobs

The nicely cleaned up Lauren Cohan was among many hotties at this year's amfAR Inspiration gala, putting out all kinds of cleavage for delighted throngs of photographers. I finally got around to watching the last episode of The Walking Dead last night. I usually have to put off watching episodes of that show for awhile, until I have sufficient reserves to deal with it's many plot twists and...
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Lauren Cohan, just like her bloody machete, gets Sharp

We're only two episodes into season 5 of The Walking Dead and it's already more freakin' brutal than anything else they've ever done on that show. And that's saying something, considering how brutal acts are the cornerstone of that show's appeal. We haven't heard too much from Lauren Cohan's Maggie character so far this season. That doesn't bode well. You can sort of tell when they've...
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Hottie Report Card: Lauren Cohan

Surely many of you are excited to see THE WALKING DEAD drag its carcass back into our homes for yet another season this Sunday evening. Not a damned thing can stop it, either. Whether you're caught up with the series or, like me, just catching on, you can't deny it's made a bigger impact than a 12 gauge, so why not shift our focus from movies for this Report Card, and...
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Face Off: Christina Hendricks vs. January Jones

There was a fairly even split between Deborah Ann Woll and Karen Gillan in last week's Face Off . I felt the same way. It's a problem I have with hotties so close to my heart. They mess with my decision-making skills. We saw the premiere of the final season of Mad Men last night. It feels weird to be talking about the end of that show. Seems like it's been on forever. It makes me...
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Alison Brie celebrates Mad Men with some cute cleavage

There are a number of characters that I'm going to miss once Mad Men goes off the air in a few months. Alison Brie's Trudy Campbell character is not one of them. That show has never done her justice, in my opinion anyway, either as an actress or a hottie. For years Alison occasionally showed up as Trudy, the stereotypical '60s housewife to her asshole husband Pete, who treats her like shit...
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