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Elle brings us Keira Knightley & other thirtysomethings for their This is 30 issue

I don't think that Elle magazine is trying to suggest that the women they're featuring in their "This is 30!" issue are old, dried up hags. The periodical is celebrating its 30th year on newsstands and the September 2015 installment is dedicated to the variety of women who are just finding their stride as they enter or work their way through their fourth decade. The...
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America Ferrera shines at London premiere of How to Train Your Dragon 2

I had America Ferrera up on a Battle of the Babes the other week and one person mentioned how she's the kind of woman who you forget is hot when they're not around. Out of sight, out of range of a viable boner. If you ask me, that's precisely the thing that makes America that much more attractive to me. Sure, she looks like most every girl who lived in my neighborhood in the SoCal town that...
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BOTB Dragon Dames: America Ferrera vs Angelina Jolie vs Emilia Clarke

I may not respect Channing Tatum as a dude, an actor or any other descriptive but I'll give him props for pulling some of the most attractive women in the business, the best of which, according to your responses from last week's Battle was Rachel McAdams, although Jenna and Amanda were fawned over as well. For this week, since I've noticed that there's a huge draw on the dragon theme in...
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America Ferrera is looking like one foxy cheetah at Dragon premiere

America Ferrera is an absolutely beautiful girl who doesn't get enough recognition. Maybe recognition isn't the word. Perhaps, I'll substitute the word recognition for not enough love on MovieHotties time thing. Yes. That's much more eloquent. Maybe it's because one of her roles had the word "ugly" in it. Or maybe it's cause she's only doing voice work in major films instead of just...
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The Top 10 Sexiest Latinas

What with Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock planning on pulling some of THE HEAT in at the box office (ending the debate once and for all regarding whether people are more drawn to McCarthy or Tatum, as the film goes up against WHITE HOUSE DOWN), I figured we'd keep it simple and concentrate on some real heat. The hottest Latinas around. (Please keep in mind that this was an extremely,...
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Sasha Cohen gets cheeky cute at the celebrity charades game

Sasha Cohen , the figure skater, not the guy in the Borat bikini, showed up on Monday night to play some celebrity charades at the LAByrinth Theater Company in New York City as a part of a benefit gala that also included America Ferrera who luckily has the distinction of appearing in better movies than BLADES OF GLORY, the one that Sasha got stuck playing herself in. (Which is funny since...
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