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BOTB Modern Scream Queens: America Olivo vs Danielle Harris vs Katrina Bowden

The ladies of THE SCORCH TRIALS were all big winners last week when their movie came in number one at the box office, even if they'll have to keep putting out that heat for the film to make back its budget. As far as the match up from last week, it appears you are sticking to the "ginger is best" credo and preferring Katherine McNamara by a very slight margin. This week, as TV starts...
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BOTB January Girls: America Olivo vs Naya Rivera vs Nina Dobrev

It was a pretty even bag of love for the ladies of last week's Babes at a Funeral match up, with a slight edge to Elisha Cuthbert, whose status as a NHL leftover didn't seem to deter you fans. With the release of THE TWO FACES OF JANUARY (which happens to star Kirsten Dunst, one of last week's competitors), I noticed that there are a number of good looking ladies who were born in...
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MovieHotties presents: Our Favorite Movie Cat Fights!

Movie Cat Fights!!! That's right, gather your friends and put on your ponchos, for we're about to pay tribute to some of cinema's most classic (and some not so classic) cat fights! You've seen our video tributes to Movie Strippers , Movie Beach Babes , Movie Cheerleaders and even Movie Car Washes , but now it's time we throw some muscle into the...
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Latest MovieHotties photo galleries added: Shailene Woodley, Dakota Johnson, Lady Gaga, Shay Mitchell, and more!

Our hottie gallery champion, Cherry Liquor , has been working hard to bring you only the best for our PHOTO GALLERIES to this site, which takes our grand total of hottie photo galleries to 400! (a little bit for everyone). Below you'll find the Lucky 13 girls we've added (just in time for the latest Friday the 13th!) When clicking through each girl, you will be taken to their...
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The Hottie Stop interviews America Olivo from No One Lives and Bitch Slap!

In case you weren't aware, America Olivo is awesome. I don't just mean awesome-looking, although she is certainly that, but just an awesome person in general. The beautiful actress, best known for turns in the FRIDAY THE 13th remake and the incredible BITCH SLAP (seriously, watch it right now), is sweet, funny and refreshingly unpretentious - as you'll find in the interview below....
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