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Mena Suvari has got a sick amount of thick nowadays

It's been awhile since I had any reason to care about what Mena Suvari was up to as an actress. Truth be told, I was never really much for where Mena went with her career. She was usually cute enough. That wasn't the problem. I don't know, most everything after her early days in AMERICAN PIE and AMERICAN BEAUTY is kind of a blur to me. Seen some, missed others. All that being the case, one...

Exclusive Video: Hotties Talking Dirty in Movies

While the cool kids will be frolicking through the halls of Comic-Con, a movie called SEX TAPE with Jason Segel and Cameron Diaz will be coming out this weekend. It may not be the "sex tape" we were all dying to see, but lo and behold, it's here. As times go on, Hollywood's taste for hard R-rated comedies gets dirtier and dirtier. That's why today we'll be...

Beautiful hips help keep Mena Suvari relevant

I remember back when the hottest thing about Mena Suvari was all up top. Those were her AMERICAN PIE/BEAUTY days, playing the slutty cheerleader, getting naked in the bathtub with the rose petals and then later full on topless while being semi-molested by her best friend's dad. Watching that movie again recently, I realized just how disturbing that scene between Mena and Spacey really...

Flashback Friday: Where did Thora Birch go?

I was reading an article by The Guardian the other day about Thora Birch that kind of depressed me. It was an article I just happened to find while in the middle an impromptu Terry Zwigoff film festival I was holding for myself. As you may know, Terry directed the film Thora is perhaps best remembered for, 2001's GHOST WORLD, which also starred a young Scarlett Johansson . Back then,...

Hottie Clip of the Day: Mena Suvari

For today's Hottie Clip of the Day we're revisiting a classic with Sam Mendes' AMERICAN BEAUTY. I know what you're asking yourself right now - which clip are we going to see?? There are so many to chose from! Firstly, there aren't that many. Secondly, today we've got the fantasy Kevin Spacey dreams about! Let's be honest, wouldn't you consider a dream about Mena Suvari naked in a...

Catalina Londono pays tribute to some of our favorite movies… topless

Well, this should be a fun little treat for movie buffs and fans of boobs alike. SoHo magazine has put together an awe-inspiring collection of images paying tribute to some of Hollywood's landmark movies. The best part: each of them feature a model named Catalina Londono in all her naked glory. Well, not all of it, but you know what I mean. They call it their "Topless...

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