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Beyonce gets patriotic, talks about love of pizza in Beat magazine

Beyonce does not give a lot of interviews. It's been about 2 years since Queen Bey, as her most devoted fans call her, has given a direct interview to the media but she broke her silence for the November 2015 issue of Beat magazine. There hasn't been too much released yet (the full Q&A goes live on October 21st) but the line that Beat has released so far expresses Mrs. Carter's tastes....
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Hannah Davis and her All-American boobies will make you say "F*ck Yeah!"

Can you believe that TEAM AMERICA: WORLD POLICE is already 11 years old? That would have made Hannah Davis only 14 years old when the movie debuted to controversy and that ever-so-catchy theme song that we all dredge up around the Independence Day weekend. Davis is doing her part to keep us feeling as patriotic as possible with this latest set of pictures of her in various swimwear, some so...
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The Top Ten Hottest All-American Babes

I'm taking the easy route this week with the top ten list. I could have rehashed a cyborg/robot/futuristic topic in honour of TERMINATOR: GENISYS , but that's been overdone already. I could have gotten into strippers in honour of MAGIC MIKE XXL but when I think of Channing Tatum nude, I throw up in my mouth (more than) a little. While the overall concept of All-American babes is vague, the...
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Nicki Minaj busts out her patriotic boobies on the cover of Rolling Stone

She might have lost out the Best Hip Hop People's Choice Award to Iggy Azalea the other night, but that's a small drop from the bucket of Nicki Minaj that's poured out on the cover of the January 2015 Rolling Stone. The "Anaconda" rapper looks about as "normal" as it gets in the music industry - that meaning she isn't sporting a neon colored wig and there's more flesh on display for the...
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Hot, wet Sophie Simmons outtakes make Wednesdays outstanding

Back in July, I came upon some awesome shots of Sophie Simmons , daughter of actress Shannon Tweed and Kiss rocker Gene Simmons, and was wowed by the womanly beauty of her. While there were those who whined about the supposed desecration of the American flag, a subject that I've never really understood being that the flag is more a symbol than a tangible object with any value whether...
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Jordan Carver makes me proud to be an American

It's kind of ironic that Jordan Carver is puffing me up with patriotic glee approximate to her gigantic tits, considering she was born and raised in Germany and probably sounds like some Bond bad guy when she talks. I suppose if you take a hottie and wrap her big tits in an American flag, give her a cowboy hat and put her in front of a classic, candy red Camaro, she instantly becomes an...
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Jamie Chung gets a head start on the 4th of July with some patriotic bikini hotness

Well here we are, less than a day away from the official beginnings of summer 2013 and two weeks from the big 4th of July festivities here the the States. Looks as though Jamie Chung kind of jumped the gun on the festivities recently with the sexy little American flag bikini she wore while doing some luxurious, rooftop lounging. Not that I'm complaining. In fact, the sight of her is no doubt...
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FHM demonstrates how they love us by putting Arianny Celeste & Brittney Palmer on their cover

At one point I would have gone with the simple answer that Arianny Celeste was my favorite UFC/MMA ring girl, but that was before I got more acquainted with Brittney Palmer her blonde cohort and fellow "UFC Cheerleader," not to mention a personal friend in real life. Teaming these two women up for photoshoots and magazine covers in the smartest thing since the last smart thing that someone...
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