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Emma Roberts has got a lot of nerve

Emma Roberts' movie NERVE comes out in a couple weeks, but she's already out there doing promotions for it. In the movie Emma plays a high school girl who partakes in an online game of truth or dare which predictably takes her in some not-so-nice directions. I can't speak for the quality of the movie, but I will praise Emma for her choice in attire for the interview she does below, which...
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W magazine gets hotties in bed, Sarah Paulson topless in latest issue

Wellllll.... here's something that I didn't know I really wanted to see. In the August 2016 issue of W Magazine, "American Horror Story" phenom (outside of Jessica Lange, of course), Sarah Paulson goes full nipple in a gorgeous shot from her photoshoot. (Click on the censored image below to check out the NSFW version.) Paulson has always been a fearless actress, taking on...
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Emma Roberts was keeping it cool at Coachella

Emma Roberts was doing just like everyone else at Coachella this year, namely trying to stay cool while making fashion statements and pretending to care about the undercard bands she never heard of. Emma's been looking pretty good lately. She's got the red hair going, which is often a direct route to my better angels. She's been making the most out of the warm weather we're...
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Why did Emma Roberts cross the road?

We heard some different opinions from some of you on the topic of Emma Roberts in the latest Face Off . Some folks like her and find her hot, some don't like her at all. As is often the case, I tend to fall into the middle ground between those two polarized views. Sometimes I like her as an actress. Sometimes I don't. Sometimes I find her hot. Sometimes I don't. She's one...
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Face Off: Zoey Deutch vs. Emma Roberts

Gal Gadot was the obvious choice over Bar Refaeli in last week's Face Off . That one was a little unfair considering how popular Gal is right now. But as is usually the case, if they were both right here in this room with me now, I'd have a lot more trouble deciding between them. Friday sees us going back in time once again with director Richard Linklater and his movie...
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Alexandra Daddario makes amazing images

One of the most frustrating things about Alexandra Daddario is how scarce she is, relatively speaking. There are others so commonly seen out and about, it's practically a joke. The cornerstone of their careers is getting sites like this one to post their pics. Alexandra is much more selective about how her image goes out into the world. I commend her for being conscious of such things, but...
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Emma Roberts is pale, flowery perfection at amfAR gala

Before people strap on their slutty attire for Halloween, there are plenty of high fashion, red carpet events to attend. Emma Roberts did such last Thursday night when she put on a strapless flower printed gown for the 2015 amfAR Inspiration gala where her "Scream Queens" creator, Ryan Murphy, was accepting an award for his contributions to television and his commitment to the fight against...
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Chloe Sevigny fishes up some Halloween costume ideas in the Marfa Journal

I don't know how anyone can be shocked by what Chloe Sevigny decides to do for a magazine photoshoot, considering that she's well known for giving an unsimulated blowjob to director and former boyfriend Vincent Gallo in the movie THE BROWN BUNNY. The artistic choice cost Sevigny the clout that she'd been building up in Hollywood since she first wowed critics in 1995's KIDS and it feels as...
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Movie Hotties 6-pack: Hottest Hotties in Haunted Houses

Hot women and scary movies. They go hand-in-hand, don't they? Putting hotties in jeopardy is one of those cheap ways movies give gravity to the inevitable slaughter. We can't get the most out of the creature in the closet or the killer roaming the house if we don't have a hottie there to investigate - preferably in her underwear or something similar. Sure it's formulaic, but we continue...
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BOTB American Horror Story Babes: Taissa Farmiga vs Lily Rabe vs Emma Roberts

While THE MARTIAN won at the box office last week, it was ultimately the movie goers who won with the gorgeous cast of ladies in the film. Everyone's favorite redhead right now, Jessica Chastain, topped the Battle from last week, which was a surprise to no one. With the 5 installment in the "American Horror Story" series boasting good ratings with Lady Gaga joining its cast for...
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Chloe Sevigny & her hot, wet bikini body relax before hitting up the horror hotel

I gave up on "American Horror Story" mid-way through the Freak Show season because it had ceased to be a solid story that was meant to terrify me and moved into whiny, maudlin territory. So much was going on that so little was really being communicated. I got that feeling a wee bit when watching Asylum as well, but not to the same degree (I cite Lily Rabe as the possessed nun as that season's...
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Hot or Not: Jessica Lange

The difference between the comments ehre on moviehotties and the comments left on the Facebook moviehotties page always crack me up. Who would have thought that the people on a hot babe website would have more class than a Facebook page? But that was the case when opinions on Jillian Bell went up last week, declaring that she's not your typical Hollywood hottie but she's still a bit of...
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