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The WWE Hall of Fame Babes know how to dress up

Forgive me if I'm not fully versed in the WWE universe. I don't think I ever got into any wrestling other than GLOW a million years ago and that certainly wasn't going to be evolving into a Hall of Fame induction ceremony years later. I got a bit of a quick learn about the event from reading up on the Facebook & Twitter posts that my friends posted but I still can't follow...
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The Sexy Ten Spot: Hottest WWE Divas

I am going to beg your forgiveness, those of you who look through this Ten Spot and concurrently are fans of the WWE. For I really know nothing about the majority of the women who have been infiltrating the wresting league. In fact, I didn't even pick this list. It was suggested to me by a young man named Joel Felix and the selections here, in the order listed, I must give complete credit to...
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