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Exotic beauty Amy Jackson shows you what you've been missing all your life

Leave it to Maxim magazine again to show me someone who took my idea of beauty and said, "Dog. You don't know shit. Here, check this out." And now we have this. She goes by the name of Amy Jackson and even though she's British, her facial features look to be pretty deeply rooted in Indian culture (she's also starred in an onslaught of Bollywood films, so..maybe). With...
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The Top Ten Prettiest Pals of PETA

With the nation just recovering from too much BBQ and beer this past Independence Day weekend, it's time to return to a state of anxiety, what with our fear of animal overlords coming to replace us on the food pyramid, hastened by our need to go see DAWN OF THE PLANET OF THE APES These pretty ladies all have a huge head start on the rest of us flesh bags, what with their dedication to PETA...
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