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Battle of the Babes Popstar Semifinals: Katy Perry vs Nicki Minaj vs Amy Lee

First slot in the finals went to Christina Aguilera, the top queen of the teen pop sensations. Second slot in the finals went to Nelly Furtado, proving that out of the other countries producing pop sensations, Canada has the largest clout. Now, it's time for us to figure out which all-American babe is going to round out the final battle. Have fun... Katy Perry Since...
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Battle of the Babes Popstar Edition: Gwen Stefani vs Hayley Williams vs Amy Lee

So y'all weren't super happy about picking from the lesser of the three evils in last week's Battle, which matched up three of the top pop singers with weird looks. By a thin margin, the thickness of Nicki Minaj took the win and we get to move on to the last compilation of pop singers - this week it's the final quarterfinals pairing the top female lead singers, mm'kay? Gwen...
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