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Natalie Portman is all smiles for costar Tom Hiddleston at the D23 Expo

I might not have seen the irresistible appeal of Natalie Portman's character in the first THOR movie, but after THE AVENGERS, I can certainly see the appeal of her co-star, Tom Hiddleston when he's not dressed up as Loki. I don't understand the women who think Hiddleston is so hot while in costume, the dude looks far more bone-able when he's in his deluxe duds and a big smile on his face....

A bevy of beauties show up to the Lone Ranger premiere in Anaheim

With the busy summer movie market wide on display, this is about the time that things get aggressive. Pixar has a strangle-hold on all things merchandise-able, being that it's coming off a built-in popular original flick and well, it's monsters and little kids. Tell me what you can't market to a child under the age of 100. You can go with muscle-mass and have the pretty boys act out superhero...

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