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Flashback Friday: We've picked some tasty Christina Applegate for you

Doing these flashback articles often has me revisiting cringe-worthy fashion trends from the past. It can be a real challenge sometimes trying to figure out what people were thinking when they dressed and arranged themselves the way they did. A perfect example of this fashion confusion are early pics of Christina Applegate , who was one of the more conspicuous slaves to late 80s,...

Hottie Report Card: Kristen Wiig

Today sees the release of the (so far) well-received dramedy, THE SKELETON TWINS , and no, it's not the new Mary-Kate and Ashley vehicle. It stars comedic talents and SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE alumnus/alumnae Bill Hader and Kristen Wiig , the latter of which will be our student for today. I can already sense the angry fists shaking from all of her die-hard fans, but you should know...

Hottie Report Card: Meagan Good

ANCHORMAN 2: THE LEGEND CONTINUES may be the most unnecessary sequel everyone wanted, but it's finally here. Frankly, I'm still debating whether or not to trim my mustache, down some scotch and check it out this weekend. Based on the pretty unbalanced reviews, any individual's particular level of enjoyment of this film is a challenge to predict, and it really probably...

Hotties Brooke Shields, Christina Applegate and Tina Fey bring some class to NYC's Anchorman 2 premiere

In the beginning, I approached this movie with a lot of apprehension. The first one is basically a classic and when you have that (added on that it's a sequel to a comedy, which almost never work out), it was something I'm actually still a little nervous about. If only I could've been in New York with these lovely lasses last evening. Their hot, middle-aged selves would've completely calmed me...

Kirsten Dunst's polka-dot clad hotness goes down like a fine scotch

I think everyone and their mother could call themselves an ANCHORMAN fan. It somehow became a cult phenomenon and now with the sequel coming out in a few short weeks, I find myself waiting in anxious anticipation just hoping to see whether the movie is good or not. Lucky Kirsten Dunst gets to find out first, though. By the looks of it, Kirsten decided to hit up the ANCHORMAN 2: THE LEGEND...

Irina Shayk lubes up her chassis for Russian GQ

It's been quite a week for Irina Shayk hottie moments. First she goes and starts fondling herself in a bikini while on vacation (which she's still doing, so don't be surprised if you see more of her in a bikini before the week's out). Now she's some kind of oiled up, leather bound gear head for the pages of Russian GQ. So nice of her homeland to honor one of their native daughters. So nice...

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