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Gina Carano packs a wallop in more ways than one

It kinda looks like Gina Carano has put on some weight in these pics of her at a Women in Action Film Festival this weekend, but I can't believe such a thing could ever happen with her. She's way too much of a fitness champ to ever let herself go to this extent. So maybe it's just the effects of an unflattering dress at work. Fortunately, two of my favorite parts of Gina weren't obscured...
5 days ago
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All hail Jenna Elfman's batshit crazy Scientologist tattoo at Identity Thief premiere

Can anyone tell me if this tattoo on the back of Jenna Elfman's ankle has something to do with the Scientologist voodoo? I prefer to keep my nose out of the "religion" other than to know that on Faith No More's album Angel Dust, Mike Patton managed to work in some questions that are on the "test" that they give out, including "Do often sing or whistle just for fun?" and "Does emotional music...
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