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Top 6 Horror Movie Ass Shots (video)

Traditionally speaking, when filmmakers want to offset brutal and bloody horror movie killings with something more pleasing, they go with sex appeal. And lately, one of the go to sex appeal subjects they seem to prefer are asses. Beautiful woman with even more beautiful asses go a long way to smoothing over the jarring effects of violent slaughter, or creepy creatures, or whatever the...
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TGIFs: A Salute to Horror Movie Butt Shots (Exclusive)

The most horrible time of the year has finally arrived... Halloween! Time to start smashing carving those pumpkins and stealing handing out that candy! Naturally, being the fan of skimpy costumes and fake gore that I am, this really is one of my favorite times of year. So in an attempt to take the celebration up a notch, I've created 10 gifs of celebrity butt shots in...
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Exclusive Video: Movie Hotties in Short Shorts!

We're smack-dab in the middle of Spring, which means there are many months of sun ahead. The heat has already arrived early, but it isn't bikini season just yet. Short shorts, however, are completely relevant right now. This got us thinking about all the great short shorts moments in movies, of which there are plenty. There's Gemma Arterton in TAMARA DREWE, Vanessa Ferlito in DEATH...
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Anna Hutchison is damned delicious at the Spartacus premiere

You may remember sexy New Zealander Anna Hutchison as the blonde babe who bared her beautiful B-cups in CABIN IN THE WOODS, thereby leaving all of her road-trip buddies to face their impending doom. She was also #3 on my Top 10 Up-And-Coming Hotties list for 2013. This is mostly because Miss Hutchison is expected to be getting topless a lot more frequently in the upcoming season of...
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Top 10 Up-and-Coming Hotties

Being the "noob" here at MovieHotties, it only seems natural that I take on the duty of writing about this next group of hotties who are scheduled to fall more into the limelight in 2013. This year we were introduced to a variety of hotties in different parts of the entertainment industry. As I was searching for "up-and-comers", I realized there were a ton to choose from, so this list will...
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