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The Sexy Six: Hot Monster Chicks

Most of you have already started your October festivities with lots of horror movie watching, costume party planning and house decorating but now it's the Sexy Six's turn as we explore the fine line between creepy and sexy which is pretty much present all over Halloween and most horror flicks. We basically went monster huntin' for some scary babes and found a nice batch of monstrously...

Hottie Clip #663 - Anna Paquin Nude & Banged - TRUE BLOOD (HD)

Anna Paquin Nude & Banged - "TRUE BLOOD" (HD)

Say what you will about her face, Anna Paquin has a rockin' bod

I've paid moderate attention to what people have to say about Anna Paquin and I'm saddened and bemused by how that talk revolves around whether or not she's pretty based on her face. Mostly the complaints (and it seems to be gender neutral, with comments from men and women alike) are about the gap in her teeth, a goofy argument since I'd much rather look into a slight gap than a mouth full of...

CON: A whole gaggle of hotties from the various ComicCon panels

You've got to hand it to ComicCon - they really know how to draw the hotties, both on the floor and in the panels. I doubt there is a geek fantasy not put on display in some way during this latest celebration of all things nerdy. That's a good opportunity for the various studios to make sure the most high profile hotties are in attendance. After all, you've got armies of geeks from every part...

Magazine: Anna Paquin in V Magazine

Is it just me, or do the various media outlets seem to want to slap an inordinate amount of puns onto anything associated with True Blood? It's always some goofy reference to something sucking or blood or whatever. Is there a reason for that? Does the idea of a show about vampires doing shit in Louisiana make people so uncomfortable that they have to make half-assed attempts to pacify it with...

Hotties of the True Blood Season 4 Premiere

Gave you guys a taste of this red carpet event yesterday with my favorite hottie from the show, so I might as well finish with the rest of the hotties in attendance for the True Blood Season 4 premiere. That's a different kind of event here, with remarkable new look of Evan Rachel Wood there taking a significant amount of the spotlight. So uhhh, yeah, that's an interesting way to go there for...

Hotties of every age attend the premiere for SCREAM 4

Can anyone really believe that it's been a solid 15 years since the first SCREAM movie released? Granted I was only 9 years old at the time so I don't really feel old but man that was a long while ago. And here we are getting ready to celebrate Ghost Face's big return with SCREAM 4 starting this weekend. I'll be the first to admit that I'm not really a big fan of the series even...

ScreenCaps - Rosario Dawson & Anna Paquin in The 25th Hour

The 25th Hour After the disappointment last week with the lack of Jolie's jubbalies I thought I'd go into the archives and pull out some classic hotness. Rosario Dawson and Anna Paquin both deliver some quality sex appeal in the midst of some damn fine acting. Suck on that Angie.

The hotties of the 2011 Vanity Fair post-Oscar bash

I have missed the classy hotness that is Charlize Theron. Granted, she showed up last year in a dress reminiscent of purple Cinnabons decorating her breasts but she still can pull off sexy sophistication like so few others can. Vanity Fair and their annual post-Oscars party usually gets the bigger names in attendance and while I might have missed a handful of babes here and there, I'm fairly...

Ghostface has excellent taste in victims for SCREAM 4

When it comes to successful horror franchises, I have to say I'm rather impressed the SCREAM series is barely reaching it's fourth entry next year. While Jason, Freddy, and Michael Myers have all worn out their welcome to the point of having to be re-imagined (except Jason, I love that lumbering machete wielding zombie), Ghostface has been rather quiet throughout the 00's. That being said,...

The Emmy hotties are everywhere and sexier than ever!

Update: I thought last weekend's event was the Emmy ceremony but turns out it was just a pre-show event. This is the real deal! You really gotta love television sometimes ladies and gents. These TV producers know how to find some of the hottest and most talented actresses on the planet and really put them to work. Whether it's playing a modern housewife, a crime scene...

Body Shop: Anna Paquin

It's always a bit awkward when young actresses grow up, because by virtue of the industry they're in, if they don't grow up at least fairly hot then they probably won't make it as an adult in Hollywood. So decidedly not legal females become legal, often naked lust objects, and we all get to feel a bit dirty. This week we got a young Oscar winner who is turning undead...

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