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Battle of the Babes #252: Lauren Cohan vs Anna Torv vs Nina Dobrev

Last week's first Semi-Finals of the Battle of the Babes featuring your previous top picks from the ABC, CBS and NBC networks yielded an interesting result that I actually was not prepared for. The love for "Castle" star Stana Katic was in full effect, as well as the never-ending supply that the diehards give to "Elementary" star Lucy Liu, with those two actresses pretty much tying for...
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Battle of the Babes #246: Anna Torv vs Emily Deschanel vs Hannah Simone

"The Walking Dead" didn't just kick ass in the ratings this past week, one of its stars, Lauren Cohan was the hands-down-your-pants favorite from the Battle of the AMC babes. We're going to be going through a couple other of the smaller networks who are large on lovely ladies, this time zeroing in on some foxes from Fox. For those of you who mention Zooey, step off. I'm not about to...
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Top 10 Hottest Network TV Babes of 2012

Movies are meant to be watched on the big screen. You get a chance to see a beginning, middle and end unfold before you and hopefully feel satisfied when you unstick your butt from the theater seat. TV offers the opportunity for the concept of a movie to be doled out to you regularly, from the comfort of your home, giving you endlessly more each week, and supplying hottie action like a morphine...
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