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Bikini: Annalynne McCord

It's moments like these when Annalynne McCord demonstrates her only true worth, at least as far as I'm concerned. Nevermind her shitty show or any of the other crap she does that approximates acting. Showing up on a beach in a bikini, messing about in the rocks with her tight denim shirt tied up into the sexy little bow, is mostly the only thing she does that could register with me, short of...

Bikini: Annalynne McCord

In the grander scope of my personal life, Annalynne McCord shouldn't even register. I've never watched her television show because I was a regular of the original that they rebooted it from, so why bother? I've watched a couple of the crappy movies that she's been in but wasn't all that impressed with her. Still, whenever images of her come up, whether on the red carpet, doing the candid...

Annalynne McCord knows exactly what she's doing

I love it when celebrities try to play the blame game. It's far more interesting than anything that goes on at a Super Bowl halftime show as far as I'm concerned. It makes AnnaLynne McCord all that much more intriguing when she posts these personal pictures from her cell phone onto her Twitter account and then word gets around that she had no idea that you could kinda, sorta see a little tiny...

Hottie Clip #679 - AnnaLynne McCord Teases In Bra & Panties - 90210

AnnaLynne McCord Teases In Bra & Panties - "90210"

Promo shots of the hotties from the 90210 cast

I don't watch the show and frankly am surprised that it's still on the air, debuting its third (correct me if I'm wrong because I don't feel like looking up which actual season it is) season. The folks over at the CW network are hoping that promotional images of the female cast will reel in the viewers - or remind some of us older folk that members like Lori Loughlin and Jennie Garth are still...

I think I found AnnaLynne McCord's best side

She's a little too skinny for a chick who's so hungry for fame but dammit if AnnaLynne McCord doesn't have a fine little tush on her. McCord was also at the Hollywood premiere of Cirque du Soleil's IRIS, when she showed how much more lump she's got to her rump than Hudgens has in her chest. I honestly don't know (or really care) if McCord is all that great of an actress. She's working it as...

Better get Kelly Brook her helmet because if you're going to polka her dots

Just last Friday we saw Annalynne McCord riding a bike in a bikini and now it's Kelly Brook pedaling in stiletto heels at another charity bike ride for the Mayor of London's Skyline organization. I'd wager that Ms. Brook is a preferred sight on a two wheeled transportation device but the woman is going to need a helmet for all of the daydreams she's getting banged in right now. I have to say...

Annalynne McCord has an interesting way of riding a bicycle

Seeing Annalynne McCord riding a bike while wearing a bikini makes my vagina get a major case of the scareds. You have to use an amount of physical exertion to bicycle and women are not immune to crotch perspiration. And bicycle seats are fairly unforgiving, even when you get one of those special gel seat covers. Hell, my vag would complain after a bike ride even if I was wearing a thick pair...

Annalynne McCord's transformation into the next Jessie Spano is almost complete

I've seen more set pics of Annalynne McCord on her "90210" reboot show that I should have gotten interested in figuring out WTF they keep dressing her outrageously for by now. Seems whichever scene she was shooting here has to do with magic but all I can picture is McCord looking forward to a future career of a rebooted SHOWGIRLS. I can't possibly be the only one who gets an Elizabeth Berkley...

Bikini: AnnaLynne McCord

I don't know what the hell is happening on this new iteration of 90210, but AnnaLynne McCord is in a tiny bikini at some point which is interesting. I recall more intense teenage drama and less American Gladiators and Nickelodeon tributes in the original version. Perhaps they're attempting to pull in some of those increasingly nostalgic Gen Xers by creating an amalgamation of the shows they...

Hottie Clip #664 - AnnaLynne McCord Strips Down to Lingerie - 90210

AnnaLynne McCord Strips Down to Lingerie - "90210"

Bikini: Annalynne McCord

I got a little sick of on AnnaLynne McCord after developing what I thought was a strong thing for her. Maybe it was the way her body started getting too skinny for its skinniness. Maybe it was her showing up at the opening of a utility bill. Whatever the case, I haven't felt compelled to post on her in quite some time. Until I caught these pictures of her in a bikini having a freakout in a...

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