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Katy Perry kisses up to her fans outside Kimmel, loses to them inside

It's a good thing that the fans outside of the Jimmy Kimmel Live show were kissing up to Katy Perry because the host had a different type of fan encounter scheduled for the singer once inside. Jimmy had a Katy Perry super trivia contest set up for a portion of the interview with Perry, pitting her against a woman named Emily who was a member of the Katy Kats - the league of superfans...

Kat Dennings and her impressive cleavage hit up the Late Show

Kat Dennings is an absolute beauty. Her pale, white skin, gorgeous eyes, massive lips and perfect breasts are what dreams are made of. It's every beautiful thing in the world that makes you laugh with happiness all while being every sad realization that you'll never get to touch her. She's a bizarre paradox, but one that I can't help but stare at for a while. Anyway, she hit up The Late Show...

Lady Gaga wears a paper dress to travel by 1959 classic Cadillac Eldorado

Just two days ago, Lady Gaga drove in a car that I'm guessing a bunch of you male readers would love to own - the 1959 Cadillac Eldorado - as she was being driven to her appearance on "Good Morning America" to sing her new song, "Applause," which was released for sale on iTunes on the following Tuesday. The singer has a new 22-year old fashion apprentice who constructed this minimalist dress...

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