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I hope that spending an Arabian night with Olga Kurylenko is a possibility

I remember first seeing Olga Kurylenko in the shitty QUANTUM OF SOLACE, but even the horrific taste in my mouth and pain in my ears and sharp pain in my eyeballs after seeing that thing could not make me forget that beautiful woman. I’ve seen her from time to time on websites and on MovieHotties, but nothing too substantial which is an honest shame. She’s an incredible thing to...
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Naomie Harris splashes some sexy all over Harper's Bazaar Arabia

I end up with my breath taken away every time I find another photo shoot with the luscious Naomie Harris , I honestly don't know how the British babe does it. This time it's in the pages of Harper's Bazaar, the Arabia edition, where you get to check out Naomie's long legs on balconies and her fashion sense dabbled in with heaps of color and flair. With all of the deserved attention she's been...
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