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Who wouldn't want to suck on Mia Maestro for awhile?

I was fully prepared not to like The Strain. After all, the whole vampire/zombie thing is starting to get kinda stale. Plus, the way FX was leaning pretty heavy on the creepy factor in previews and whatnot was a little too much. However, I went into the thing with an open mind and surprisingly I was hooked from the first episode. Very refreshing to see a show that continued to get better and...

Jesica Cirio wears her Cocot lingerie with some muscle

I have little clue who Jesica Cirio is other than the fact that she's currently in her bras and panties for the Cocot lingerie company, proving that you don't have to be rail thin to model in your skivvies. I like the musculature on Jesica, a 28-year old Argentinian model who hails for Buenos Aires. She's also been featured on Latin television as a reality show hostess and dancer. More...

Whoever this mystery girl is, she's got a great ass

Confusion abounds about who this fine-assed hottie was taking pictures on the beach somewhere. Some have claimed it to be Frida Sofia Guzman, daughter of Mexican singer Alejandra Guzman. Personally, I think it looks more like Argentinian model Florencia Tesouro. Beyond her identity, the circumstances of this situation are also a little confusing. For instance, why is she romping around in the...

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