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Ashley Benson wants you to find her nipples in her latest Find Your CA photoshoot

Now we know what she was doing in Mexico with dirty hippie hair back in September. It seems that Ashley Benson found a way to expense her beach side trip with buddies by doing a new Find Your California/Travel Mexico photoshoot. The last time that we caught up with Ashley doing duty for this campaign, she lost her top in an old hotel but didn't show off the goods completely. We...
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Hottie Clip: Ashley Benson in Pixels

It's no secret that Adam Sandler's brand of goofball comedy often misses more than it hits, and according to critics, he didn't even come close to the goalpost when it came to video game adventure PIXELS. You might even say he missed the ball entirely. That said, we've also come to expect a certain trademark from Sandler-produced flicks, and that's the inclusion of...
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Shay Mitchell shows off major cleavage on the EMA red carpet

Shay Mitchell has not been short on the sexy lately, between showing off her legs while promoting her book, Bliss, to rocking out the cleavage here on the red carpet at the 2015 MTV EMAs. Mitchell was on hand as a presenter, along with her "Pretty Little Liars" co-star, Ashley Benson , who looked far more sedate after having to lick the wounds the internet unleashed on her when she...
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Ashley Benson's Mexico bikini vacation

Hey that girl from Spring Breakers, Ashley Benson , is back in her costume: the bikini. I only mention that movie because that's the only thing I've ever seen her in. Never watched Days of Our Lives, never watched Pretty Little Liars and never watched any of the Bring It On spawns. I do remember her bikini body being one of the only things that made -- the film student-esque -- Spring...
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Ashley Benson has Snapchat figured out

I don't actually follow anyone on Snapchat right now. I'm kinda touchy about the sorts of things my phone notifies me about. As far as I'm concerned, it's there to do my bidding, not the other way around. However, I do frequent a few sites that follow certain Snapchats. That's a much more convenient way for me to get a handle on all the noteworthy candid moments famous hotties are...
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Sexy TwitPics: Summer 2015 Round-up

Today we bid our dues to the month of August, and to a degree, summertime itself. Although the heat will probably stick around for a while longer, the window for blockbuster sequels and remakes is behind us... for the next month or so, anyway. Yes, the transition into September always feels something like "back to school" time for all of us, which isn't that awesome...
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Shay Mitchell, Lucy Hale & the other Liars looked hot, won big at Teen Choice Awards

The beginning of the end of "Pretty Little Liars" is getting off to a good start. The show is completing its run on ABC Family with a seventh season and the kids voting for the 2015 Teen Choice Awards decided to let it go out with a bang. They named Ashley Benson the Choice Female Summer TV Star (try saying that five times fast) while giving best villain to... well, that blonde on the end...
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Hottie Report Card: Ashley Benson

Despite most movie fans' qualms when it comes to anything with the name 'Sandler' attached , PIXELS  has finally been released at a theater near you. Will it be worth your precious time to endure Happy Madison's brand of humor, so long as you get to see Pac-Man chomping down the city in a few sequences? Only time will tell, but much like his previous...
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Ashley Benson is so lovely she glows

A rare moment of modesty for Ashley Benson here. Time was the PIXELS star would have unabashedly rocked the tiny cutoffs and bra without the semi-see thru thing on top to cover up the goods. I guess Ash wasn't in a "look at me" mood. Whatever the story, her more reserved perspective didn't have any negative effects on her beauty this day. That mid-afternoon sun is doing her wonders in the...
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Ashley Benson looks Pixels perfect at the New York premiere of her new movie

It honestly makes sense that they'd cast Ashley Benson as the blonde She-Hottie from some random video game for the movie PIXELS . Not only does she look like she could kick some ass, Ash also has that aura of 1980's buxom blonde hottie that could really only make sense in a movie made for 2015 that's about games people haven't played in true-life arcades for the past 30 years. Oh, sure,...
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Face Off: Ashley Benson vs. Elizabeth Olsen

Even more controversy in last week's Face Off between Evangeline Lilly and Emma Stone . I suppose that's to be expected. Perceived slights against hotties with geek cred are shit storms waiting to happen. I've got nothing against Evangeline. I just like Emma more. I may be in the minority there, but I'm okay with that. This week's hotties in contention will probably only worsen the...
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Ashley Benson's extreme closeups just get better and better

Ashley Benson adds a couple more lovely shots to her growing body of sexy photo spread work via this month's W Magazine, wherein she does the usual creepy hotel shot as well as the extreme close up of her pretty face. Very nice, but even better was Ashley's July 4th social media bonanza where the PIXELS star took it upon herself to give the world some even better closeup shots...
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