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Zhang Ziyi is as delicate as a lotus flower at the premiere of her new movie

Zhang Ziyi was at a couple premieres of her new movie, THE GRANDMASTER, about the life of the man who supposedly trained Bruce Lee. Looks like another excuse for Zhang to run around attacking dudes with her tiny punches. It's funny how everyone thinks of her as a person of a certain ass-kicking potential, because I never look at her that way at all. She looks so delicate and fragile to me, as...

Jinri Park is the provocative cover model for FHM's August Philippines issue

While this 25-year old model has Korean roots, that doesn't stop Jinri Park from feeling more Phillipa than Korean. Her family moved to the Philippines when she was 6-years old and she grew up in Cebu. Jinri has posed for a number of other men's magazines in similar outfits, but it seems that in the country itself, the women are less pleased with this cover of the magazine than they have been...

Jamie Chung gets a head start on the 4th of July with some patriotic bikini hotness

Well here we are, less than a day away from the official beginnings of summer 2013 and two weeks from the big 4th of July festivities here the the States. Looks as though Jamie Chung kind of jumped the gun on the festivities recently with the sexy little American flag bikini she wore while doing some luxurious, rooftop lounging. Not that I'm complaining. In fact, the sight of her is no doubt...

More Jennifer Tilly titties for those who enjoy them

You Jennifer Tilly fans will be pleased to know that she was out somewhere the other day, once again showing off plenty of cleavage. Jen really has become the new Christina Hendricks lately. Christina seems to have moved on from the days of exploding tits in evening dresses, leaving ladies like Jennifer among the last still willing to show off the better part of their natural gifts....

Lucy Liu is 44-years old and teaching Fitness magazine tips. Pay attention.

What else is there to say when you find pictures of the lovely 44-year old Lucy Liu in the March issue of Fitness magazine? That Asian women as a whole tend to age a lot better than other ethnic groups? Hell, if it were as simple as that, how do you explain the inexplicable gorgeousness of the 53-year old Italian chef, Nigella Lawson ? That cooking babe eats red meat and drinks wine and...

Lucy Liu gets creamed in the face by Jimmy Fallon

Ahem. Excuse me, Ms Lucy Liu , but what are you doing on Jimmy Fallon's show, being all chatty about going to the Super Bowl, visiting with family and blabbing about your hit show, "Elementary" when you could have taken a second to brag about your Battle of the Babes WIN a couple weeks back against the other CBS hotties? Hmmmmm? You'd think that you'd show some proper appreciation to the...

Nice dress, Jamie Chung

It's windy as hell here where I am today, but apparently not where Jamie Chung was in LA yesterday. Too bad, as this unusual split dress thing she was wearing could really have used a few strong gusts of wind to help it fully realize its body-revealing potential. No matter, as what we got was enough to show off those fantastic stems of Jamie's. Then again everything is fantastic on Jamie....

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