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Don't you wish you were the lucky dog making out with Sarah Hyland?

23-year old Sarah Hyland still looks like a teenager because she's pint-sized and adorably cute but let's look past that and admire what a nice young lady she is. A new spokesperson for the ASPCA, Hyland was in New York City to help promote the adoption of animals as a part of the organization's Celebrate Pet Adoption event. Dressed chicly in a black dress that made ample use of her lovely...

It's not just puppy love when it comes to a leather bound Irina Shayk

I'm having a hard time doing this, but I'm really going to try. I'm going to try and forget that I'm 267 pounds with no shirt, pants or shoes on and I'm trying to imagine that I'm a 20 pound little fuzzy thing that can be pet and kissed and allowed to shit outside no matter how many people are watching. So, maybe life would be a little strange as a dog, but I would...

AnnaLynne McCord is the cat's meow for Sundance's Catdance Fest

Yes, I am one of "those cat people." I have two, one half tabby half ragdoll named Marley (I adopted her, the name came with the cat and she didn't show any reason that she was misnamed from the first owners who abandoned her) and the other my "bike cat." Griffin was one of 7 kittens in a litter born to a mama cat who hangs around my friend's bike shop. We was a wee little lad of 9 weeks when...

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