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Carrie Keagan works it like a boss for Celebrity Apprentice & Critics Choice

When I think of the term "brick house" in relation to describing a woman's body, one of the first celebrities to come to mind is Carrie Keagan . Carrie always manages to show off her curves without any cleavage popping out and threatening passersby with a black eye (although, really, what a fine way to get one), a feat that's hard to accomplish in today's world of do-anything-for-attention. I...
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Hottie Report Card: Sara Jean Underwood

By now most of us know of Sara Jean Underwood's inspired use of social media for pics of her fine ass doing everyday things. Those who knew Sara before Instagram recall her even more inspiring full frontal centerfolds and everything else she did for Playboy. I even have fond memories of her brief stint as the cosplaying fill-in co-host on the defunct Attack of the Show (I actually...
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Olivia Munn enjoys a leggy night out on the town

Olivia Munn was out on the town last night in Hollywood, showing off some nice leg in her flowery number. I'm continually impressed with how she remains viable as an actress, even as her various projects collapse to pieces all around her. For instance, I once figured her for obscurity once her gig on Attack of the Show went south and all her supposed geek cred turned out to be a load of...
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Hottie Report Card: Olivia Munn

Before we all get hammered and start blowing off various limbs, it's time to enjoy some other lovely visuals in this week's report card. Although, whether or not this hottie lights off fireworks in your shorts may depend on how much you enjoy hating all things celebrity. No, it's not another f*cking Kardashian , but Olivia Munn whom we will be ogling (for educational...
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Hottie Clip of the Day: Olivia Munn

For those of you who may not know, Olivia Munn will be turning 34-years-old tomorrow! That's right, the hottie who's perved on by the masses, and star of the just-released DELIVER US FROM EVIL , was delivered on July 3rd, 1980. This is special news, if only because it grants us an excuse to post Munn-related shite on a hot July day. And what better way could a hottie celebrate her...
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Face Off: Kaley Cuoco vs. Olivia Munn

I think it was Megan Fox over Nicola Peltz by a slight margin in last week's Face Off . I sense a certain indifferent resignation to this new TRANSFORMERS movie as well as those associated with it. This despite the fact that it will probably go on to rake in a billion at the box office. I think it's because it's a 4th movie. We tend to like our movies wrapped up in nice, easily digestible...
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Face Off: Katrina Bowden vs. Sara Jean Underwood

There were a few among you who gave some love to Emily Blunt amidst the strident pro- Kate Beckinsale voting block who turned out for last week's Face Off. However it was Kate who ultimately won , as expected. Not that I disagree with that choice. Kate might very well be the hottest woman alive, but I still think that between the two of them, Emily has the better profile overall, at least...
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Sexy TwitPics: Sara Jean Underwood

That up there is Sara Jean Underwood peddling around in her birthday suit, which is completely appropriate seeing as it's her birthday today! The former "Attack of the Show!" eye-candy turns 29-years-young today, and since it just so happens to also be "Twitter Titillation Tuesday", why not make her the featured gal of the week? I've actually been looking forward to presenting her...
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Sara Jean Underwood's boobs are on the loose in Vegas

I have an opportunity to go to Vegas with some buddies next weekend, but I'm always hesitant to go during the springtime. For starters it's always both ridiculously hot and ridiculously windy. There usually aren't too many big events happening, magicians and comedians are less than mediocre, and most of all, there's probably a lack of hotties running around. At least that's what I thought...
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