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Our Video Tribute to the Awesome Amy Adams!

Today we pay tribute to a gorgeous gal who's been on our minds for over a decade, Amy Adams . The redheaded hottie has come a very long way with her career, and has received a great amount of recognition for her work as an actress, including an Academy Award this year for AMERICAN HUSTLE . Amy has taken on some intriguing and inspiring roles over the years, but she's...

Time to pant over Olivia Wilde awesomeness once again

Olivia Wilde did the premiere bit for her movie DRINKING BUDDIES, wearing a Springsteen shirt of all things. Yet more evidence of how awesome Olivia is. Normally it's all fancy, designer shit for the hotties at premieres - the kind of outfits that cost more than a used car. Not for Olivia though. Just a faded Boss shirt and a sexy little tight skirt completes her premiere package. I'll bet...

Pretty Damn Cool News: Zach Galifianakis takes 87-year old former homeless woman to Hangover 3 premiere

If they wanted to make sure that THE HANGOVER III made good numbers at the box office, perhaps the marketing reps behind the movie should have checked in with their star, Zach Galifiankis first. Seems the bushy bearded fat man who isn't Santa is pretty good at doling out gifts of his own. A couple of years ago, Zach discovered that a woman by the name of Elizabeth "Mimi" Haist, whom he'd...

Carmen Electra ties her shoes... awww yeah!

I pray to Xenu that one day, when I "bump" into Carmen Electra , I'll happen to have a camera on hand. Carmen seems to like cameramen, and cameramen seem to like Carmen. Pretty much wherever she is, if there's a camera, she's willing to do a photoshoot. She'll also get a hotel room with you and change into various outfits. Whaaa?  Well, I don't know if that last part's true, but she...

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