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This sexy monkey makes these Kendall Jenner pics a little more alluring

I absolutely cannot get over how sexy Monkey is looking in these pictures. Sure, Monkey may be small and cute, but Monkey radiates a sexuality that I don't think many other animals are able to. This all comes our way from Allure Magazine as Monkey can be seen here looking great for their March issue. It's a fairly risque photoshoot as Monkey isn't wearing...
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Ashley Greene rocks it at the CBGB premiere

Oh, my God. I don't know what's going on, but I'm loving it. If you don't know what I'm referencing, I'm talking about the rising Ashley Greene appearances lately. We usually don't see too much of Ashley, but when I stumble upon a story/group of photos with her twice in one week…that's like finding a quarter under my sofa cushion. It's unexpected, but it's changed my life - if only for a...
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Winnie from The Wonder Years comes out of hiding to help out Avril Lavigne

WHAT WOULD YOU DOOOOO IF I SANG OUT OF TUUUUUUUNE?! So…random news event for the day, but apparently Douchey McDouche Douche's wife, Avril Lavigne is getting some help from Danica McKellar (also known as Winnie from The Wonder Years, hence the title and song at the beginning), for her new music video. While the song is probably going to put multiple people into life-long...
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Allison Williams is the only good thing about Girls

For some insane reason, I managed to sit through the entire first season of HBO's Girls. I don't know why I did that. I'm about the farthest you can get from the target audience for that show. I guess I thought it might be entertaining in some way. I kind of like the show's creator, Lena Dunham. She's got a witty, intelligent air about her. She's also a fine writer and usually an interesting...
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Elle demonstrates how to perfectly ruin a Jessica Biel photoshoot

Well, this photoshoot Elle magazine did with Jessica Biel started out okay. Yet, as you can see, this go downhill pretty quickly. I can only guess at how much money they had to fork out to get Jessica in their January edition. Why the hell would they waste all their money by shooting a photo spread depicting her in a bunch of creepy situations, surrounded by even creepier old men? Yeah, I...
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