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I wanna call Jessica Alba my baby

Yay! I love seeing Jessica Alba looking all made up and beautiful. When the majority of pics that I put up of her involve shopping or buying groceries, it makes me feel especially warm and fuzzy when she gets herself into a nice pink dress that shows off the top 1/5 of her body that's very enjoyable to look at, just like the other 4/5. I don't really enjoy math, so I'll just go on with...
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Face Off: Elizabeth Banks vs. Kristen Bell

Oh goody, goody! Lot's of conflicted thoughts about our previous Face Off between Natalie Portman and Amy Adams . I like it when ya'll are so divided. In the end, Natalie managed to scrape out an extra couple votes to win by a nose, but I'm pretty sure the love for these two is equally balanced. Most everyone was honoring their moms this weekend, which gives us a good opportunity...
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