ScarJo continues to be a crowd pleaser introducing Cap 2 in Beijing

The dresses she's wearing to the various around-the-world premieres of CAPTAIN AMERICAN: THE WINTER SOLDIER only are adding fuel to the pregnancy speculation fire (while the media has basically latched on to the idea of her bust getting even bustier, the actress herself has not made an official announcement about having a bun in the oven). In her recent red carpet trip to Beijing, the simple...

Olivia Wilde's beauty makes me want to say O!

Olivia Wilde and her tum-tum are still a-growin' and the wonderful thing is she still looks just as beautiful as she did before that damn Jason Sudeikis got his grubby little hands (and other things) all over her. She still has that elegance and that gorgeousness that made her one of my favorite hotties in the first place. Here she is doing her thing in a sweater with a big, fat O that...

I'd like to mark Olivia Wilde's territory

Olivia Wilde is as preggo as an Eggo and while posting pics of chicks while they're all preggers isn't necessarily my idea of a good time, Olivia is such a gorgeous gal, I can't ignore what's going on here. The cute scarf, the tight jeans, the little ponytail, ugh. It's almost too much and to ask me to refrain from posting any pics and forget about this beauty, at least...

Seeing hot Olivia Wilde now makes me green with envy

Oh, Olivia Wilde . One of the most gorgeous women in the entire planet and pregnant with Jason Sudeikis's child. It kind of makes me want to go and punch a wall, you know? I guess it could be worse. Jason could be that kid, Tommy, in elementary school who used to throw rocks at me and call me a diarrhea face. He could be the one going to pound town on Olivia and it be his evil spawn coming...

I wanna call Jessica Alba my baby

Yay! I love seeing Jessica Alba looking all made up and beautiful. When the majority of pics that I put up of her involve shopping or buying groceries, it makes me feel especially warm and fuzzy when she gets herself into a nice pink dress that shows off the top 1/5 of her body that's very enjoyable to look at, just like the other 4/5. I don't really enjoy math, so I'll just go on with...

Kim Kardashian is now a MILF with a Kanye stamp of approval

So, let's take a quick survey: Kim Kardashian : MILF? Now that that's out of the way, let's talk about the two breast things about being a new mom in the celebrity peripheral spotlight. Kim was out and about in Paris as she began promoting the latest of whatever it is that she likes for the week, sporting an all-denim outfit that only a baby daddy like Kanye West could...

Jessica Alba sure is one hot momma

Jessica Alba is a f*cking pro. Not only is she still looking very sexy, but it looks like she has absolutely no problem dealing with the pesky paparazzi or with people writing articles on her hotness when she's innocently hanging out with the family and her baby. Wait, what? I dunno. It looks like she's having fun at the zoo and drinking her coffee and just being an overall badass...

Look at what Alec Baldwin gets to play with now

I mean other than the paparazzi, although Alec seems to enjoy roughhousing with them as well. No, the real playground is growing all over his wife Hilaria's chest following the birth of their kid. The 28-year-old yoga instructor was already fairly well stacked before the kid, but now that it's out in the world and in need of nourishment, wonderful things have started to pop out...

Amanda isn't the only actress going out and about these days, just ask Amy, Dianna, Eva, Kaley and more

It seems that I might be focusing too much on the tawdry angle of what's going down in the life of Amanda Bynes, so how about we see what other actresses are doing, eh? Amy Smart went to a friend's birthday party, bringing her pokies as one of the best gifts ever. Dianna Agron got on the phone to try and get answers on why Kristen Bell named her newborn daughter LINCOLN....

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