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Whoa baby! Ashley Benson looks awesome at Baby2Baby Gala

Sometimes I really cannot figure out WTF these events are that the celebs show up to. The Baby2Baby Gala was held in Culver City, California over the weekend, that much I've determined. It was attended by all different babes, from MILFs like Kerry Washington (who just recently had a baby) to Julie Bowen (who had a few babies some time back) to the baby-less Ashley Benson who looked awesome...

I wanna call Jessica Alba my baby

Yay! I love seeing Jessica Alba looking all made up and beautiful. When the majority of pics that I put up of her involve shopping or buying groceries, it makes me feel especially warm and fuzzy when she gets herself into a nice pink dress that shows off the top 1/5 of her body that's very enjoyable to look at, just like the other 4/5. I don't really enjoy math, so I'll just go on with...

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