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Kate Beckinsale goes all out for the BAFTA garden party

Has there ever been a moment captured where Kate Beckinsale doesn't look her best? Is there ever a time when she looks anything short of stunning? Is there ever an event she attends where she doesn't steal attention away from every other beautiful woman there, young and old? No, no and no. And it probably doesn't end there. It's not difficult to imagine the beautiful Brit...
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This chick Uma Thurman looks like a really hot version of Uma Thurman

Whoa! When did this happen? I'm sorry, I'm sorry. That's probably pretty rude. Uma Thurman isn't an unattractive woman by any means but to be honest, I don't think she's many people's favorite. She's also been hanging out under the radar for a while now and had it not been for NYMPHOMANIAC , I wouldn't have seen a movie of hers since KILL BILL , methinks. Anyway, here she is at the BAFTA...
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English hottie Georgia May Foote gets all sexy for the children

Yeah, that title sounds creepy. However, these were the UK's BAFTA Awards for children and one of my favorite finds of 2013, Georgia May Foote , was looking pretty hot for them, despite the obvious underage undertones inherent in the theme of this award show. I assume this is like the British version of Nickelodeon's Kid's Choice Awards, so clearly The BAFTA people are following Nick's KCA...
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