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Paula Patton is our Hottie of the Month for June 2016 (video)

There are no blurred lines when it comes to whether or not the delicious  Paula Patton  is considered a major babe in the MovieHotties community. You can catch her busting out her prosthetic orc-fangs in WARCRAFT next weekend, giving us yet another reason to call her "toothsome". New releases aside, one of the most refeshing things about this hottie is her...
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Hottie Report Card: Paula Patton

It looks like we're going with Movie Fan Central schmoe  Jay Beezy 's pick for this week's "Report Card", for suggesting the exuberantly sexy Paula Patton . Don't worry, I liked all the gals you suggested, and will definitely find a place for them in the near future. I picked Paula this time around for a couple of reasons. For one, she's...
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Christina Milian is swimsuit reina in Cosmo Latina

I hope the 4th was with you. I hope your Mayo didn't get totally Cinco'ed out. As for the Return of the Sixth... well, I figured that we could go with some images of the luscious Christina Milian in Cosmo Latina. We're still not seeing much coming from the singer/actress other than her photoshoots for various magazines and the numerous times that she's been snapped by the paparazzi for...
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