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Ginger cutie Katherine McNamara gets dolled up for a Tiger Beat party

I don't have particularly high hopes for Katherine McNamara's career if she's aiming to be the next rom-com sweetheart or matinee idol A-lister. I think she's a total doll and because of that, I've gone out of my way to search out her shows, mainly the current "Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments," and whooooo is that a giant stinker. McNamara is plucky and succinct with what I'm guessing...
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Arianny Celeste brought her own giant balloons to her birthday party

Mostly known for commanding the ring whenever she lands herself in it in between a brawl, Arianny Celeste can also be known for her impressive cleavage. I know that's a little indecent, but come on. Look at those things. Well, it just so happens that those wonderful breastuses of hers turn a ripe 28 years old tomorrow. Arianny did her thing by looking absolutely incredible at her...
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Hayden Panettiere is a gorgeous Yankee Rose in Cosmo UK

At the start of every month, the new magazines and their covers and photo spreads get released and I spend so much time trying to figure out which ones are best or better or just fun to look at. It's a great way to begin a month, honestly. From the repetitive covers when there's an actress or singer or other celeb who has some big project coming out and is the main focus of the...
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Break out the party balloons and celebrate the fact that we have some new pics of Emma Stone

It's been months since we had any reason to post anything featuring Emma Stone . She seems to be content to disappear off the celebrity radar scope ever since taking up with her Spider-Man co-star Andrew Garfield. That absence might seem like a lack of interest in her public profile, but I think it's just the opposite. She seems very concerned with how she shows up in the media, never wanting...
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Miley Cyrus gets black & white & Bangerz all over for latest album shoot

I'm going to point out that I have not watched the VMAs since Chelsea Handler hosted and only because she was the second female host in the history of the awards. I also changed the channel after her opening jokes. Prior to that, I hadn't paid attention to a VMAs since Krist Novoselic didn't get out of the way fast enough. The fact that so many people in the US have come to the consensus that...
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Kelly Brook is really good at blowing… out candles

Many of you have stated in the comments that "every day should be Kelly Brook day", and we here at MovieHotties try to cater to that request as much as possible. So what better way to start off the week than with pics of Kelly busting out at Victoria Square in Belfast, Ireland? Kelly was invited to celebrate Victoria Square's 5th birthday, and wouldn't you know it, she brought her own...
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Check out Eva Mendes's big, shiny balloons

Get it?!?! Okay, I know that at first glance this story probably seems like an excuse to write lazy balloon-related innuendo in the headline (and it totally is), but perhaps it's ALSO an excuse to look at some hot pictures of Eva Mendes . It's the least we could do, seeing how we spaced out on her birthday on March 5th. She's knocking on forty's door at 39-years-old now, and still...
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