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Only Kate Upton could look this cute stuffing balls down her pants

I love that Kate Upton has a smile back on her face. She took a bit of a break from modeling and some time off from the public eye after she was embarrassed by the leak that happened back in 2014 with the Fappening, that "hack" where people were able to get into all the naughty images celebrities had saved to their clouds. Since then, Kate has gotten engaged and returned to modeling and it...
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Kate Upton shows off all three of her trophies

It feels like it's been forever since I've had me some Kate Upton goodness (like, three or four days), but I have finally reached my goal of the day and found her in the color that always makes her look the cutest: red. While black makes her look elegantly sexy, bikinis make her look unattainably hot, I feel red makes her look adorably sexy. They're weird categories, but they make sense to...
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Rosario Dawson enjoys the President's balls

Looked like Rosario Dawson was having herself some fun at a pair of presidential inauguration balls last night. Then again, Rosie's the type who could turn a state execution into a party. Am I the only one upset at the appalling lack of Rosie movies lately? I haven't seen her in anything since I accidentally dropped the remote and it switched over to that horrible ZOOKEEPER abomination by...
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