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Bar Refaeli is super hot trophy wife material

Bar Refaeli is such a gorgeous creature, is she not? With a perfect model body, the cherry on top most definitely has to be the extremely sexual eye gaze she's stuck in her head. They're hypnotizing. It's almost like she's teasing me in these pictures of her making an appearance at something called Pronovia's Bridal Fashion Show which went down in Barcelona. It's kind of like she's saying...
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Irina Shayk is so hot, you'll scream Why?!

Irina Shayk is one sexy model if there ever was one. Here she is promoting the new Why collection from Desigual, which is kind of funny, because that's the exact question I keep asking myself. Why, Irina? Why are we not together? Why the hell are you all the way in Barcelona promoting this stuff instead of eating pizza and marshmallow paste at my apartment? I don't even have any idea where...
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