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Jamie Chung brings her happy self to the Alice & Olivia fashion show

Putting aside her discomfort for fashion (she was overheard complaining "I'm sooooo cold!" ), Jamie Chung slid her petite frame into a crop top and calf-length skirt for the Alice + Olivia fashion show in New York. This is a departure from the sunny disposition that Chung usually puts on display when she's on the red carpet, although she did manage a couple of big...

Jamie Chung busts out the black leather bustier for the BCBG Max Fashion Show

I am green with envy when it comes to Jamie Chung . Not only is she super cute, she's been reported to be super nice by the folks I know who have interviewed her and let us not forget that she originally decided to be a cast member on "The Real World" as a means to earn the money to put herself through college, so she's super smart too. She's had great choices with...

Lucy Hale checks out her lacy bosom at the Bongo Pop-Up Boutique

I think this just might be the first time that I've seen Lucy Hale care so much flesh at an event. She was flowery and cute at Coachella but for this Bongo Pop-Up Boutique event on Sunday afternoon, the Pretty Little Lucy donned an black lacy top and gave us some major toned-tummy action. She's currently the spokeschick for the Bongo Jeans line, and she's fulfilling her contract, but I...

Maria Menounos is striped with gorgeous at the 2013 Gay Pride Parade in Los Angeles

I might not be very political for the most part, but let me put this out there: I love people. I hate them as well, but for the most part, I think people are purdy darn swell. Notice how I didn't make the differentiation that you might have suspected I would make regarding a post about Maria Menounos was in full Greek Goddess effect while she attended to her Grand Marshall duties at the...

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