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Barbara Palvin tops off her week of hotness by getting down to basics

If you've been keeping up with all our coverage of Barbara Palvin's onslaught of sexy in recent days, you'll be aware of how she's repeatedly dangled the near nudity in our faces without ever quite crossing the line. Unfortunately her spot on the LOVE magazine advent calendar doesn't change anything there, despite speculation over whether or not her BASIC INSTINCT...
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Top 6 Sexiest Femme Fatales (Video)

You ever seen a woman so hot you'd literally risk death just to get with her? Yeah, me neither. Still, they've gotta be out there. After all, the movies seem to be pretty fond of depicting hotties just as likely to blow your brains across the wall as they are to bang your brains out in bed. And as we all know, movies never exaggerate anything. Right? Uhhh, yeah, well, let's...
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Harper's Bazaar rolls the clock back to 1992 with some nude Sharon Stone

I remember not understanding what the big deal was about the leg crossing scene in BASIC INSTINCT back when I was an innocent young one. I didn't know that I was supposed to be looking up Sharon Stone's dress as she titillated the men who were interrogating her about a murder. I simply knew that this was the kind of movie that my parents wouldn't want me to see, therefore I...
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Rhian Sugden is a worthy successor to Sharon Stone in this photo spread for Loaded Magazine

I had not heard of this Rhian Sugden chick before I stumbled upon her layout in the June issue of Loaded Magazine where the Page 3 model does a mean impression of the Sharon Stone who used to look that hot so many years ago. I guess she's been on "Celebrity Big Brother 10" with people like the U.S.'s pride and joy, The Situation, and others I've never heard of. I just like that she looks so...
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