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BOTB Divorced Babes: Halle Berry vs Jennifer Lopez vs Paula Patton

It was a fairly easy choice for movie goers to pick up the new BLAIR WITCH movie, bringing it in at second place for the past box office weekend but it was a little harder for you to come to a consensus over who was the hotter witch in last week's battle. It came down to a tie between Emmy Rossum and Eva Green, although there were a few of you who claimed that it was impossible to pick...
7 days ago
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BOTB Witch Babes: Emmy Rossum vs Eva Green vs Famke Janssen

Believe it or not, we had a three-way tie last week in the Battle of the Thriller chicks, with everyone giving equal love to Jane Levy, Kate Mara and Maika Monroe. Personally, I don't think any answer was a wrong one, as all three are high up on my favorites list. Not high on any lists for me is 1999's original THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT, which I remember anxiously waiting in line with a...
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BOTB Thriller Babes: Jane Levy vs Kate Mara vs Maika Monroe

When it comes to crazy stalker chicks, y'all are fans. So long as she isn't the type that corners you in a swimming pool, as only one person was all about Erika Christensen while the rest of you were evenly divided between Ali Larter and Rose Byrne. I know, stalking is bad unless it's a super hot woman who wants to do you and get her competition out of the way. Seems to be the case...
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BOTB Crazy Chicks: Ali Larter vs Erika Christensen vs Rose Byrne

To be frank, I'm happy that summer is over. It's too hot, all the kids are running amok and 2016 wasn't exactly the best when it came to blockbuster summer fare. Last week's Battle of the Boxing Movie Babes was a good way to end that nonsense, especially since it meant that y'all got to sing Rachel McAdams' praises once more. Now that we head into the forgotten time period that is the...
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BOTB Boxer Babes: Amy Adams vs Rachel McAdams vs Tessa Thompson

I wasn't surprised that there weren't a lot of responses for last week's battle, but I'm still pleased that there are some of you who appreciate a good looking Latina. Eiza Gonzalez of course was the top pick of the underrated/lesser seen/need more of Latinas, which is also unsurprising, given the fact that she's still the most seen of those particular three. For the last dregs of the...
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BOTB Upcoming Latinas: Dascha Polanco vs Eiza Gonzalez vs Francia Raisa

When it comes to the ladies who mingle with dragons, you can't beat the mother of them all, Emilia Clarke, who took top honours last week. Touching on that negative vibe that seemed to go down, I'll speak up and be the first to say that I could stand to see a lot less of Jonah Hill in everything, although I'll probably go check out WAR DOGS because, well, Miles Teller. And while I...
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BOTB Dragon Babes: Bryce Dallas Howard vs Emilia Clarke vs Evangeline Lilly

While it was a clear win for SUICIDE SQUAD at the box office last weekend, deciding which of the Kats was hottest seemed to be too big of a decision for tender-hearted souls. Based on those who commented, it looks as if Katharine McPhee is the most popular but there was no shortage of love for Dennings or Graham. While I could have you pick which food-named hottie was the most delish,...
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BOTB Pretty Kitties: Kat Dennings vs Kat Graham vs Katharine McPhee

It was a toss up last week between Heather Graham and Lena Headey for favorite bad mom, although props were given to Kim Basinger and my snafu got a few chuckles. Too bad BAD MOMS couldn't score more at the box office. While I want to laugh at the idea that NINE LIVES will fair any better at the box office this weekend, the film actually boasts a cast full of great people and it...
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BOTB Bad Moms: Heather Graham vs Kim Basinger vs Lena Headey

Although one commenter said there was no wrong answer to last week's Battle of the Babes, it seems as if Zoe Saldana was it, considering that she didn't get a vote in the match-up of STAR TREK babes, where Alice Eve and Rachel Nichols triumphed (although Rachel triumphed a little bit harder). I thought I would try to steer completely away from BAD MOMS because there's too much...
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BOTB Star Trek Babes: Alice Eve vs Rachel Nichols vs Zoe Saldana

If you look at the comments on last week's Battle, you'll see that age don't mean a thing, since most of you picked the more mature, Nigella Lawson as your favorite celebrity foodie. Giada still got a lot of love over at our MovieHotties Facebook page , but I'm happy to see that I'm not the only one creeped out by her oversized mouth. This week we've got new adventures in space with...
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BOTB Hot Foodies: Nigella Lawson vs Giada de Laurentiis vs Padma Lakshmi

When it comes to Zac Efron, he's nearly as pretty as the ladies he choose to spend time with, making it hard for you to hate on the dude and easy for you to love on Vanessa Hudgens, the most lovely of all of his exes, according to you (Halston Sage was a relatively close second). This week there's a new Woody Allen movie in the form of CAFE SOCIETY which really doesn't have much to...
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BOTB Zac's Girls: Halston Sage vs Michelle Rodriguez vs Vanessa Hudgens

There wasn't much interest in either the Battle of the Giant Babes last week or the movie, THE BFG, that it was based on. I know, it was poorly thought out and hastily constructed but you can't hold that against Spielberg forever, right? As for the tall ladies I featured in the column, Adrianne Palicki was your favorite, even if her career isn't. There's a lot more hope for the comedy...
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