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Sexy skin job Tricia Helfer showing mercy for animals

I sometimes can't believe how long ago it was I was watching the statuesque Tricia Helfer - breaking a baby in it's stroller's neck - on the season premiere of Battle Star Galactica. It was right then and there, I knew I was in love with this woman. I immediately started searching online for any and all exposing photos, and there is quite the treasure trove. She's been a...
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Face Off: Tricia Helfer vs. Jeri Ryan

Debby Ryan edged out a win over Selena Gomez in last week's Face Off. Sounds about right in my opinion. Selena is getting hotter as she matures, but she's still got her baby face. Then again, so does Debby. I suppose it's a matter of which baby face works better for you. For me, it's definitely Debby's. Seeing Tricia Helfer looking so good at the RIDDICK premiere last week had...
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