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Kelly Rohrbach is still on Baywatch, we're still on Boobwatch

Kelly Rohrbach was out on some LA beach, still filming scenes for the upcoming BAYWATCH movie. I can't believe they're still filming stuff for this. Well, I can believe it. It's still in the mid 80s in the first week of November down there, which is the perfect weather for running around on a beach. The point is that you'd think they'd have had this in the can a long time ago. Must be...
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You'll wanna go stalking after checking out Kelly Rohrbach in her stockings

I don't mind if I'm the only person who is excited to see the BAYWATCH movie. Considering that I never watched the TV show when it was on (other than living in California and driving past the areas in Malibu where it filmed when it was still on the air), this might seem strange but I like the cast. I love The Rock, especially when he's getting his straight-faced humour on, not to mention the...
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Big tits under see thru lace threaten to upstage Alexandra Daddario's speech

I have to believe Alexandra Daddario knows what she's doing when she decides to put on a top like the one she was wearing for this event she attended today. She has to figure a healthy percentage of the folks listening to her talk have seen her do that full front and back nekkid thing on True Detective , and thus will inevitably find themselves lost in vivid memories of what those titties...
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Pamela Anderson had the perfect tools for her job back in the day

It feels like the sitcom has become a lost art nowadays, particularly the "filmed in front of a live studio audience" type sitcoms. Time was such comedy was the very best around. Some of the funniest moments in the history of TV have taken place with an audience busting a gut laughing in the background. I recently had reason to watch Tim Allen's newest sitcom creation, Last Man Standing....
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Alexandra Daddario was anything but icy at The Ice Queens premiere

I don't think it's possible for Alexandra Daddario to look anything but positive. Even when she's got one of those face-encompassing grins, one still can't deny the girl is just like a big beam of sunshine. Thus was she ever a delight to look at the Austin Film Festival premiere of THE ICE QUEENS. I've never met Alexandra in person, I'm sorry to say. But I have a feeling I might be in...
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6 year old Alexandra Daddario pics remind us what we're missing

It's been over a year since Alexandra Daddario did a photo shoot for anything. Even longer than that since she really showed off those famous proportions of hers in something not a blurry set pic from the BAYWATCH movie. That's way too long a wait for Alexandra goodness. Someone as beautiful and well put together like her should be doing photo shoots like assembly line workers make...
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Kelly Rohrbach gets cheeky and messes with hotel staff

I'm gonna go ahead and assume BAYWATCH star Kelly Rohrbach is actually wearing some kind of minimal underwear or thong or something while ridding herself of some rubbish in these pics. Either that or the guy who was lucky enough to walk by in these pics is getting a lot better view of Kelly than I thought. I actually kinda feel sorry for this guy. There he is, just trying to do his job the...
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Kelly Rohrbach and GQ give us a preview of what her Baywatch will look like

I know for a fact I wont be seeing BAYWATCH when it comes out. It's one of those one can assume is going to be stupid even before it's done and anyone has had a chance to see it. The whole idea of resurrecting this justly buried relic from the 90s is rife with goofy. However, as with many a previous movie of this kind, I shall gladly partake of the inevitable gifs which will surely flood the...
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Kelly Rohrbach's liberated nipple during a Malibu beach shoot

Even when models sign on to do implied nudity – fighting to preserve their fully exposed bits for the sake of dignity or a loved one – the eventuality that some time, some part of them (the nipple, in this instance) is going to betray there will and break free of their fabric imprisonment is practically a mathematical certitude, an inevitability, an absolute; just plain...
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Kelly Rohrbach showering in public

For those who've ever wondered what Kelly Rohrbach looks like in the shower, these images from the set of BAYWATCH should give you a pretty good idea. Sure, you probably imagined her without the red one piece and covered in suds, but you gotta take what you can get. There's ass shots o' plenty, beads of water running down Kelly's legs and that wet swim suit clinging...
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We now return to our regular Baywatch set programming, featuring boobs by Daddario

You probably thought we were done posting pics of Alexandra Daddario and company running around Malibu showing off the T&A for the filming of this BAYWATCH movie. Nope. Alexandra is still showing them titties off and we're still posting them for your viewing pleasure. This time around it looks like Alex is back on a boat, potentially doing some product placement with her Beats by Dre. Or...
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Leave it to 138 Water to pull Angelica Bridges out of retirement

Yesterday, in regards to Ava Sambora's 138 Water promotional photos, I asked: Why the hell would she introduce herself to the world by sharing a frame with a bottle of 138 Water? – This is how former Playboy playmates spend their twilight. Case in point former playboy model, and still super sexy red head, Angelica Bridges , back from a prolonged hiatus. I'm almost positive...
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