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Before we get new Baywatch, let's flashback to young Yasmine Bleeth

I am compelled toward those people with darker hair and lighter eyes and back when the original Baywatch crew was running on the beaches, I thought Yasmine Bleeth was far sexier than Pamela Anderson, the show's biggest contributor to the world of boners. I think what I appreciated most is that even as polished as Bleeth could come off, there was an aura of naturalness to her that didn't exist...
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Alexandra Daddario honored the NFL with her exquisite hotness

It mystifies me why pics of Alexandra Daddario doing just about anything are so hard to come by. Most of these other pics you see here in today's various posts come from galleries made up of dozens, if not hundreds of pics. Yet all I can seem to find of Alexandra's NFL Honors presentation are 8 measly pics. This happens again and again. Only tiny galleries of pics featuring Alexandra,...
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Priyanka Chopra finds a couple great methods for promoting her show

I've always had a fondness for the ladies who come out of the Bollywood ranks. They have a knack over there for plucking out of their substantial ranks some of the most stunning women you'll ever see. Well positioned in that lot is Priyanka Chopra who's spent years making herself into a phenomenon back home in India and now seems determined to do the same in the West. She's off to a good...
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Priyanka Chopra won the literal definition award at the Golden Globes

The hags over at E!'s judge-a-thon have already decided that Priyanka Chopra was one of the worst dressed for Sunday night's 2017 Golden Globe Awards but I cannot for the life of me figure out why. Then again, I'm not a "fashion expert" and I happen to like when boobs are tastefully put on display, so I am very much in the thumbs-up department when it comes to the BAYWATCH star's choice of...
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The Top 25 Hotties of 2016 (with video)!

Reaching the end of another calendar prompts us to once again look back on a year chock full of hottie happenings. This was a time of changes in so many ways, but especially when it comes to the women who made our lives just a little bit better with all the hotness they brought. Many previous lists have looked remarkably similar to each other, distinguished only by the occasional dark horse...
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Kelly Rohrbach is still on Baywatch, we're still on Boobwatch

Kelly Rohrbach was out on some LA beach, still filming scenes for the upcoming BAYWATCH movie. I can't believe they're still filming stuff for this. Well, I can believe it. It's still in the mid 80s in the first week of November down there, which is the perfect weather for running around on a beach. The point is that you'd think they'd have had this in the can a long time ago. Must be...
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You'll wanna go stalking after checking out Kelly Rohrbach in her stockings

I don't mind if I'm the only person who is excited to see the BAYWATCH movie. Considering that I never watched the TV show when it was on (other than living in California and driving past the areas in Malibu where it filmed when it was still on the air), this might seem strange but I like the cast. I love The Rock, especially when he's getting his straight-faced humour on, not to mention the...
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Big tits under see thru lace threaten to upstage Alexandra Daddario's speech

I have to believe Alexandra Daddario knows what she's doing when she decides to put on a top like the one she was wearing for this event she attended today. She has to figure a healthy percentage of the folks listening to her talk have seen her do that full front and back nekkid thing on True Detective , and thus will inevitably find themselves lost in vivid memories of what those titties...
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Pamela Anderson had the perfect tools for her job back in the day

It feels like the sitcom has become a lost art nowadays, particularly the "filmed in front of a live studio audience" type sitcoms. Time was such comedy was the very best around. Some of the funniest moments in the history of TV have taken place with an audience busting a gut laughing in the background. I recently had reason to watch Tim Allen's newest sitcom creation, Last Man Standing....
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Alexandra Daddario was anything but icy at The Ice Queens premiere

I don't think it's possible for Alexandra Daddario to look anything but positive. Even when she's got one of those face-encompassing grins, one still can't deny the girl is just like a big beam of sunshine. Thus was she ever a delight to look at the Austin Film Festival premiere of THE ICE QUEENS. I've never met Alexandra in person, I'm sorry to say. But I have a feeling I might be in...
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6 year old Alexandra Daddario pics remind us what we're missing

It's been over a year since Alexandra Daddario did a photo shoot for anything. Even longer than that since she really showed off those famous proportions of hers in something not a blurry set pic from the BAYWATCH movie. That's way too long a wait for Alexandra goodness. Someone as beautiful and well put together like her should be doing photo shoots like assembly line workers make...
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Kelly Rohrbach gets cheeky and messes with hotel staff

I'm gonna go ahead and assume BAYWATCH star Kelly Rohrbach is actually wearing some kind of minimal underwear or thong or something while ridding herself of some rubbish in these pics. Either that or the guy who was lucky enough to walk by in these pics is getting a lot better view of Kelly than I thought. I actually kinda feel sorry for this guy. There he is, just trying to do his job the...
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