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Katy Perry at Super Bowl Halftime was about as Katy Perry as you'd expect

I should note that I didn't watch either Super Bowl or its halftime show because I was working at the day job and I left those responsibilities to those who decided they needed the day off to do so. I've caught a bit of the festivities after the fact now and I'm both not all that surprised and sorta shocked that there wasn't more cheekiness in Katy Perry's performance. The worse that people...
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Sarah Hyland shows off her fruits at an indoor OP pool party

It's still surprising to me that "Modern Family" star, Sarah Hyland is 22-years old and will clock in at a whopping 23 this upcoming November. With that baby face of hers, it's as if she's the Ralph Macchio of her generation, only a female and built a lot better. Sarah was in NYC for an indoor pool party being hosted by the people being OP (Ocean Pacific, a brand I recall going out of...
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