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Springtime marks Candice Swanepoel's seasonal bikini switchover

Victoria's Secret never stops pushing beachwear, but they do like to switch up the styles as the seasons pass. Thus Candice Swanepoel presenting a new set of beachwear goodness for Spring 2015 here in the Northern Hemisphere. I suspect this supposed new line of beachwear is all bullshit. How would anyone know if they didn't just recycle the same stuff over and over? If a hottie wears a...

Nobody is hotter than Cameron Diaz? Nobody?

Esquire magazine is up to some serious hyperbole in their latest issue featuring a spread from Cameron Diaz . I'll grant them that Cameron is looking pretty good here. How much of that is thanks to the Photoshop we may never know, but I certainly wouldn't turn her down. However, making the claim that there's no one hotter than Cameron is overlooking a WHOLE lot of hotties who legitimately...

Candice Swanepoel is the tastiest salt lick

It's a bikini Monday here on Moviehotties and it sure is a nice to be at that time of year when we can enjoy days like these. Just sitting back in whatever furniture you have available to you at the moment and relax with some fantastic bodies in tiny beach attire. Bodies like Candice Swanepoel's , seen here advertising the latest beachwear for something called Agua de Coco. Not that most of...

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