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BOTB Disney Live Action: Chloe Moretz vs Emma Watson vs Lily James

The results from last week's battle weren't a surprise to me, with all of you showing your undying love for Lauren Cohan even when the chips are down for the end-of-season shenanigans making you hold your breath until October. I'm glad to see there are some Christian Serratos and Danai Gurira fans out there as well, albeit less vocal than Lauren's. As for vocals, we're heading into...
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Kristin Kreuk is a beauty on the Toronto set of her TV show

Do any of you here watch that "Beauty and the Beast" show that Kristin Kreuk is on? It seems as if it would be a little too "Vampire Diaries" to me and there's just too many other truly awesome shows on TV right now for me to waste my time watching that drivel. Then again, there are other shows on the CW that you guys think are worthy, so it might be one of those too, I suppose. It's nice...
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What's Kristin Kreuk preparing for with this asstastic workout?

I would think that broad daylight in a public place is probably not the kind of situation you want to be in when doing a workout regimen akin to the positions in your average porn movie. Unless you're Kristin Kreuk that is, who was spotted doing these moves in a hot pair of black tights in just such a scenario. I suppose if that whole acting thing doesn't work out, she's always got something...
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Kristin Kreuk puts out pretty portraits

I can't believe Kristin Kreuk is 30 now. I remember her when she was just a fresh young thing and one of the few bright spots of being forced to sit through endless episodes of Smallville (back when I was forced to acquiesce to another person's TV habits). She's got such a lovely, unique face. She almost made endless hours of having to watch the Superman story reduced to a teenage melodrama...
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