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Hottie Report Card: Gal Gadot

Since I went with her competition in this week's Face Off , it's only fair Gal Gadot get the Report Card treatment in return. She's something of a delicate one to evaluate, now that she's been inaugurated into the ranks of geek spank fodder. But even if she wasn't playing the queen of all Amazons, Gal would still be rank up in the top of the heap where hotties are concerned. Her...
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Face Off: Gal Gadot vs. Isla Fisher

Unprovoked nastiness notwithstanding, it was a clear landslide for Alice Eve over her Black Mirror costar Bryce Dallas Howard in last week's Face Off . Although there were a few Bryce votes. I appreciate those. Bryce is great and I enjoy the hell out of her. It's just too bad we can't make all of these tie games. This week we're getting the secret agent action/comedy,...
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Face Off: Gal Gadot vs. Bar Refaeli

There was a torrent of Melissa Rauch votes totally obliterating Kaley Cuoco votes in last week's Face Off . Despite casting my vote for Kaley, I'm in total agreement with this. It's the advantage you folks have over me in this thing. I'm obliged to vote by the check marks I've placed. You guys can go entirely by your own opinion. You're lucky that way. This week sees the...
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Flashback Friday: Here's 40 for Tiffani Thiessen's 40th

I might be tempted to feel kind of sad or depressed about the teen queen hotties from my youth starting to enter their 40s. I keep positive only by the virtue of their lasting appeal. Take, for example, the subject of today's flashback opportunity, Tiffani Thiessen , who just celebrated her big 4-0 yesterday. Ain't nothing decrepit about her. Quite the contrary. Like many of...
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Classic Hotties: Barbara Eden

Many a smitten sitcom fan has had little choice but to fall in love with Barbara Eden . Several generations of people have grown up watching Barbara's genie character pursue her reluctant "master" in that sexy little outfit, in the process introducing a sanitized for prime time version of a dominant/submissive relationship to future generations of sexual libertines in the making. It...
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Classic Hotties: Lynda Carter

Everybody has that special somebody who covers all the bases, hits all the right notes, embodies everything you consider best about the kind of human being you find sexy. We're all different there, with our own perspectives on what that person is like. Some of us like them petite and pretty. Some might go for the tougher, butcher types. You might like them bright and blonde. Others...
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Katherine Webb is still looking for creative ways to fall into water

Sports announcer sexual fantasy fodder Katherine Webb is still doing training for her diving show Splash (I can't believe that is a real thing that's happening) in LA, though this time she seems to be doing a lot more bending over for various reasons. I can see what Musburger was all excited about. Girl is fun to look at. Having hotties like Katherine getting wet seems like a good idea, but...
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Jessica Rafalowski is hard to say, easy on the eyes

Damn, that's an ample serving of sexy lady right there. You might not have heard of Jessica Rafalowski , but she has been around here before. We featured her Me In My Place spread a few months back. If you're a fan of the beauty contests, you might also remember her as a former Miss Florida and a contestant in the Miss USA pageant, which she apparently didn't win for some insane reason. Is...
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