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Mary Elizabeth Winstead is the belle of the Tribeca Film Festival

Then again, when has Mary Elizabeth Winstead ever been anything but the most gorgeous star in attendance? It was just so much more painfully obvious checking out MEW as she worked the Tribeca Film Festival in promotion of her film ALEX OF VENICE. This is another adult turn for MEW, where she's been tackling serious roles in other films such as SMASHED and THE SPECTACULAR NOW lately, no...
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Anna Kendrick is super cute in her SNL portraits, supposedly aced hosting

If any of you were harboring a hard-on over Anna Kendrick becoming the live-action version of Belle from BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, from what I've read, that's what SNL delivered last Saturday night. The only time that I actually catch anything from the aging sketch comedy show is when it pops up online after the fact, so it wasn't until just today that I caught the opening monologue skit where...
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