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Face Off: Keri Russell vs. Jennifer Garner

Pretty solid win for Olivia Munn over Kaley Cuoco in last week's Face Off . You'll get no arguments from me. Kaley is no slouch as a hottie, but I think Liv outclasses her just a tad. Keri Russell is starring in the next installment of the PLANET OF THE APES this week, helping to take a franchise I always found rather cheesy and transform it into an impressive set of sci-fi action...

Jennifer Garner is not just Mrs Ben Affleck in Allure magazine's September issue

I happen to think that Jennifer Garner has been and always will be remembered for her roles and her acting quality before people begin to dismiss her as just being Ben Affleck's wife. But in the September issue of Allure magazine, Jen is making it pointedly clear that it's important to her to do things on her own, part of the reason why she hates the rumours that fly around after she...

Nina Dobrev says "Look how hot I can look?!?!?" at the Stuart House Benefit

If only the benefit was really for kids who acted like the character of Stuart on MadTV. Nah, if you'll allow me a minute to explain - Stuart House is an organization which helps victims of sexual abuse, ranging from rape to incest. This is all well and good and seeing Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner there (as well as Steven Tyler and Joe Perry from Aerosmith) gave the benefit a good, family...

Top 10 Hottest Movie MILFS of 2012

Everyone loves their mommies, right? Can you imagine if some of the moms from the films of 2012 happened to be, well, not yours because that would be sorta gross, but your best friend's mom. Because all of these ladies have got it going on. Many are MILFs in real life as well, but pondering the impact that moms had on the cinema this year, here's what I've got for ya.

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